What Is A First Time Tooth Fairy?

What Is A First Time Tooth Fairy?

Are you a first-time tooth fairy? In other words are you a parent of a child that just lost their tooth and you’d like to be their tooth fairy but aren’t sure what to do? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help make your spree as the Tooth Fairy fun and smooth for both you and your kid.

Back Story

Alright mom or dad, if your child is like most 5-8-year-olds they are going to be full of questions. Questions that you are going to need to have answers to so prepare yourself. They are probably going to want to know why a fairy wants their teeth. They probably will also want to know what is going to happen to their tooth once the fairy takes it.

Just remember that the answer, “I’m not sure,” is usually acceptable so long as it’s followed up with, “but I think that…” Most children will be willing to take that response so long as you have at least a hesitant answer. Really the tooth fairy is such a loose fairytale that most anything you say is alright so long as you stick to the basic points which are

  • Lose your baby tooth
  • Fairy comes at night
  • Trades your tooth out for money or a prize

And honestly, the rest is up to you.

Tooth Case

Having something that your kid puts the tooth in before it goes under their pillow will make a world of a difference for you, the tooth fairy. Baby teeth are so tiny that once the tooth is placed under the pillow it will be a nightmare to find, especially late at night while you’re trying not to wake up your kid.

Consider having a little flat pillow or cloth envelop that they leave their tooth in. You can always go the route of a paper envelope or plastic bag, but you run the risk of making noise and your child waking up. Cloth is quiet and should be easy to locate under their pillow, especially if you use silk fabric so it’s easy to distinguish from their pillow and sheets.


There is no set amount of money that the tooth fairy is required to give their child. It might be wise to ask your parenting friends how much their tooth fairy gives their kids. You don’t want to end up in the situation where your tooth fairy gave $20 and your kid’s best friend only got $2 from their tooth fairy. This would bring up uncomfortable questions from your kid that you’re not equipped to adequately answer.


Make sure you don’t try to get the tooth until you are absolutely positive your kid is asleep. Since they are most likely pretty excited about the tooth fairy coming they will probably take a little longer to fall asleep than usual. Give them about an hour or two before putting on your fairy wings and making your entrance.

Now What?

Now that you’ve got the tooth, you have to decide what to do with it. There are really only two options here. You can either get rid of the tooth or keep it. If you choose to dispose of it you can throw it away, bury it or resort back to the dark ages and burn it.

Perhaps you want to keep your child’s baby teeth. First clean, disinfect and then dry the tooth. Besides that, it really doesn’t matter if you put them in a pill bottle, jewelry case or box. You can keep them for sentimental value or, if you’re one to plan ahead, baby teeth contain stem cells that could come in handy later in life, according to Kids Healthy Teeth. If you want to keep their teeth for possible stem cell use then you’ll need to talk with your doctor about proper baby tooth preservation.

Don’t stress yourself out. You’re going to make a wonderful tooth fairy. Just remember that consistency is key. What the tooth fairy does this time, they’ll need to do next time and not just for the first kid, but for the siblings that will follow as well. Only do as much as you’re willing to keep up with. Good luck, and have fun!

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