Ways to Make Vacation Fun for You and Your Kids

Ways to Make Vacation Fun for You and Your Kids

We all look forward to vacations until we get there. Then it’s a struggle to keep the kids entertained and under control. There is a lot of advice about where to take your kids, how to survive the trip, and even how to cater to them, but there are definitely overlaps in what you want out of vacation and what the kids want. So here are five things you can do on vacation that both of you can enjoy.

Visit Museums Related to their Interests

Are your children intrigued by marine life? Airplanes? Dinosaurs? Take a look at museums, zoos, and aquariums in the area and pick one or two where you can spend the day seeing their interests come to life and learn something new yourself. Bonus points if they include interactive exhibits.

There are factory tours for foods like cheese and chocolate, too, where you can see how they are made and likely get a few free samples along the way.

Try New Transportation

If your kids are used to traveling by car, it can be an adventure to take any other type of transportation. Maybe you hitch a ride on the city bus, metro, or nearest train. There are also fun excursions you can take on the water, even if it’s a quick ferry ride, and theme parks are always fun for everyone.

Taking an airplane may be a new experience for your child as well, so give yourself extra time to explore the new space with them. With different travel options, they will be fascinated by the new views, people, and general environment. And you? You’ll get to enjoy the views without trying to navigate as well.

Tell the Stories

Historic sites and museums are always fun because of the artifacts, but mostly because of the stories. If you take part in any tours, ask questions about the people and places involved. Encourage your children to ask questions, too.

If there’s an amazing story about an object or place, your kids will be much more likely to pay attention and enjoy the experience. You can also prepare for the trip by sharing stories about the area with them, like Greek mythology before visiting Greece or watching Goonies before visiting the Oregon Coast.

Balance your Food Choices

When you visit a new place, you may be eager to try out new foods. Your kids may also be excited to eat somewhere they’ve never been before. However, that can wear off pretty quickly. To avoid kids refusing to eat, try to balance out the amount of familiar, comfort foods you eat and the new exotic ones.

If you know one of your children is a picky eater, plan out your food beforehand. If needed, you can consult their pediatric doctor for healthy foods to keep an eye out for and advice on getting your child to eat well.

Make Time for the Pool

One thing parents and kids can usually agree on is swimming. Don’t schedule yourself so tightly that there’s no time to relax. One of the best ways to relax is stopping by the pool or hanging out at the beach. The kids can keep themselves entertained if you need to sit and soak in the sun. You’ll both feel rejuvenated from the time well spent.

If you’re not near a water source, this can mean spending time outside on a hike, at a park, or wandering the streets of the city, too.

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