Unmissable Ways To Celebrate The Birth Of Your Newborn!

It’s such an exciting time having a new baby. You have waited a long and agonizing nine months, and now your child is here. You can’t wait to tell everyone about your wonderful bundle of joy. You need to remember these special few first months as they rush by so quickly, so you should mark it with a celebration. Here are some unmissable ways to celebrate the birth of your newborn.


Host a christening or a baby naming ceremony


When the baby is a couple of months old, it’s a lovely idea to have some form of ceremony to celebrate its arrival. If you are a Christian, it would be likely that you would have a christening. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate your newborn and show them off to your family and friends. You will need to talk to your local vicar about having a christening and what would be expected of you and your family. You will need to choose a couple of godparents for your child, which is a lovely way to involve them in your baby’s life. If you aren’t religious, a lot of families are choosing to celebrate their new baby with a baby naming ceremony. You can still have godparents, and it’s a great chance for everyone to meet up and welcome your new baby.


Take your baby for a photo shoot


You are bound to take hundreds of photos over the first few months of your little one’s life. But to have some truly special photos, you could celebrate the birth of your newborn with a photo shoot. You will find many photography companies who will happily take photos of your little one that you can keep forever. You can get your first family pictures of the three of you that you can then give to family and friends. You can see Silver Bee Photography and other great companies who do newborn photography.


Start a baby scrapbook


A lot of women start a scrapbook when their baby is born. It’s a great way to record important details about your little one’s first few months. You can then show them it when they are older, so they know everything they did when they were little. You can also put items such as their first lock of hair in the book to keep it safe.


Start a new account for your baby’s future


To give your child a good start for the future, you could start them up a new account when they are born. You can add money in there and try and add something every month so that they can put it towards university or their wedding when they are older. You can tell family members about it so they can make a contribution in there for birthdays and Christmases too.


Go on your first family day out


When you have a newborn, it turns a couple into a family. And to celebrate this fact, you should have your first family day out. You don’t need to go far away, but it will be lovely when you spend the day just the three of you. You should take photos and a video to mark the special occasion, and it will be a day you always remember.


Here are some other unique celebrations parents have around the world when they have a child!

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