The Importance Of Playing Outside

The Importance Of Playing Outside

With the digital age in full swing, kids are frequently playing video games, watching YouTube, watching TV, playing on their phones and tablets. Many of these things, in moderation, can be good for a child’s development.

But when devices are keeping children indoors more frequently, they are getting less time to explore and develop physically outdoors.

How often are your children playing inside on a phone or TV when it’s beautiful enough outside for them to be playing?

Of course a child doesn’t need to play outside 24/7, but there are definite benefits that children receive when they do play outside.

Learn New Skills

When children have the opportunity to play outside, they are able to learn a vast amount of new skills. And many of these skills can’t be learned if a child is indoors all day every day.

  • Learn to explore.
  • Become more creative in make believe play.
  • Develop their motor skills as they climb trees, ride bikes, or play ball.
  • Aquire social skills as they play with other kids in the neighborhood.

Learn About Themselves

Children who play outside are able to explore and learn more about themselves. As they play outside, they learn their physical limits – how far they can run, how high they can jump, what happens when they run too fast or climb to high – and then they can get stronger and learn to push these limits.

They learn what kinds of activities they like and don’t like as they try new things.

Physical Health

Playing outdoors is exercise! It is fun for kids to play outside, and it’s an easy way for them to get exercise without even realizing it. Kids who play outdoors are generally healthier. As they play outdoors more, they build a habit of daily exercise and learn to enjoy it too.

Being outdoors can also help reduce the risk of getting sick. Getting outside in the fresh air is a great way to reduce the risk of spreading infectious agents. When people are contained in small spaces is when the risk of spreading infectious diseases becomes much higher. Fresh air helps to dissipate bacteria quickly.

Reduces Stress

Most people when they walk outside (on a nice day) feel this sense of relief. That sense is the literal feeling of your stress being lifted away.

When children play outside, they are able to experience that sense of relief and feel their worries being lifted away. When they play with their friends, ride their bike, roll in the grass, they forget about all of their daily stresses and just live in the moment. Not to mention, letting the kids play outside for a little while can also be a huge stress relief on the parents who have tasks to catch up on inside.

Increase Vitamin D Levels

It’s no secret that playing outside under the sun increases vitamin D levels. And vitamin D has an enormous amount of health benefits in itself, including improving bone health and assisting in the prevention of diabetes and heart disease. Of course in the heat of the summer, it is always smart to use sunscreen for children with sensitive skin and find alternative sources of vitamin D.

Learning to play outside is a good thing. There is always the chance that they can get hurt, but they’ll learn to get back up again and keep going. And if there is ever an emergency, you can rest assured knowing that you local family doctor is available to care for them.

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