How Technology Is Evolving to Help Parents

How Technology Is Evolving to Help Parents

The way we bring up our children has both changed in many ways and not changed all that much at all. That is to say that there are many basic concerns and methods related to child development that have been with us for centuries. But there have also been loads of subtle changes to things over the years.


The fact is that there haven’t been many revolutionary changes in child development in decades. At least, not in the things that we do to raise them at home. The things we use every day to aid this process are mostly the same as they always were. Many parents use the tools and methods that their own parents used with them, for example!


But while there hasn’t been a technological revolution here, there have been lots of cool advancements. Here are some of the things you should keep an eye out for. Technology has evolved these things in ways that could help you out tremendously.


Safety: digital baby monitors


One of the first gadgets any parents to newborn children think of is a baby monitor. It’s really not hard to see why. We can’t be with our babies 100% of the time. And when they’re asleep, it’s the perfect time to be getting on with other chores around the house. Baby monitors allow us to divert some of our attention while still keeping track of the baby’s safety.


Baby monitors are evolving. They’re moving more towards digital transmissions as opposed to the older analog transmissions. People may not understand how exactly that makes them any better than they were before. To put it briefly, analog baby monitors, as with any analog systems, often come with a bunch of problems. Ever notice that older baby monitors would often sound all muffled or a bit distorted? Or that other electrical equipment would sometimes, on rare occasions, disrupt the signal? These problems are inherent faults with analog systems. (It’s also why television signals used to get so poor whenever there was the slightest knock to external transmitters!)


Digital sees a lot of massive advantages over analog. There is a lot less risk of interference. The sound and video quality (if you’re using a video monitor) are a lot sharper and more detailed. It’s also easier to get information sent to other devices, such as your mobile phone. Some parents do decide to stick with analog, but I’d recommend digital. Whatever way you’re leaning, make sure you research baby monitor reviews. This will help you locate the right monitor for you.



Reading: is technology helping literacy?


There are a lot of people out there arguing that new technology is rotting our children’s brains. Kids these days are spending so much time in front of the computer, it’s said. It’s also claimed that more kids are paying attention to their tablets or smartphones instead of important things. And sure, this is something that causes legitimate concern. But this isn’t something unique to our generation.


The problem isn’t the technology itself. There are plenty of ways in which these new gadgets can help children as they develop. These things really only become a distracting problem if parents aren’t careful! There’s really nothing wrong with your young one using a smartphone if everything is being done responsibly!


Some claim that the novelty of using a smartphone or a tablet is helping expose children to more text. This means that they’re actually developing literary skills as they use this technology! Of course, how helpful this is largely depends on what exactly they’re reading. There are smartphone apps out there that are designed to provide kids with exciting stories. That kind of thing is perfect for young children who like to use your smartphone every now and then! Of course, when people think about technology and reading, they usually think about e-readers like the Amazon Kindle. There are plenty of children’s classics available on e-book formats.


Remember that actual books are still the best way to experience literature!


Out and about: strollers and car seats


When people have kids, getting out of the house is often a cause for concern. Nowhere is this more true than when the kid in question is still in their infancy! Before they’re able to walk or even sit in a seat without proper support, going out with them becomes a worry. Thankfully, we’ve had the technology to deal with those issues for years.


Of course, when I say “technology” you might think it an inappropriate word. After all, can strollers and car seats really be appropriately described using that word? Car seats for babies were being developed as early as the 1930s. (Although back then they were thinking more about seat height than bodily safety.) And baby strollers were first invented hundreds of years ago, way back in the early 1730s! A lot have changed about them, but their basic functions haven’t been altered all that much. Can we really say that they’ve been largely improved since the eighties or nineties?


Actually, there have been some amazing advances in both. There are strollers out there today than actually seem more like luxury cars in terms of their technological advancement! In fact, there are actually electrical generators in the wheels of some of them that allow you to push them with more ease than ordinary strollers. Which, yes, means that these things technically have an engine. They’re more like cars than you may have thought! Some have pathway lights that can help out when it gets darker outside. There are even speedometer and thermometers on some of them, although I doubt you’re going to be stressing the speedometer out too much!


Car seats are also evolving. They, like many other objects out there, are being subjected to the Internet of Things. That means that it has functionality that allows it to take in data then send it to another device. Which basically means that it can send certain bits of information about the user of the seat directly to your mobile phone! So if your child manages to get loose, an app on your phone can alert you to this. It could definitely help out with safety. (Unless you’re using your phone while driving, of course!)


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