Surprising Things Your Nursery Will Need

If you’re waiting for a new baby to arrive, you’re probably already planning the nursery. Getting this prepared for the new bundle of joy arrives will save you a lot of stress and hassle in the long run! You’ll certainly know all the basics that every nursery needs. Things like a crib, toys, and drawers are all essentials. But there are also some other items that you might be surprised to hear your baby’s room will need. Here are some of the most important.


A Seating Area


You’ll need a couple of chairs in the nursery where you and your partner can relax with the baby. These are especially useful for midnight feeds. You can sit down in the nursery to breastfeed the baby. It’s also a good idea to get a rocking chair for the nursery. You can sit in the chair and rock gently back and forth while feeding your child. The rocking motion will help them fall back to sleep. Have a small cupboard in the seating area full of useful things like snacks and a book. That way, you can simply reach other for something if you ever feel hungry or bored. Keep a Home Stratosphere organizer close as well, so you can easily reach for a toy for your baby.


A Fan


Babies don’t adjust well to hot weather. So if the summer is just around the corner, you could do with adding a fan to the nursery. But the fan isn’t just useful for its temperature control. It is also a great way to add some white noise to the nursery. This hazy noise can help your baby fall to sleep. If the fan is making the nursery too cold, you can use a radio. Turn it on in between radio stations for white noise.


A Bouncer Seat


Your baby will be used to being curled up inside your womb. So laying flat in a crib all the time can feel a bit strange to them. Bouncer seats put them in a position that they are used to and one from which they can watch you clean their room! You should keep your crib for naps and nighttimes. That way, the baby will quickly learn that they should sleep whenever they are placed in the crib. But during the day, you baby can bounce away in his or her comfy bouncer seat.


A Diary


Your tired brain might not be doing too well at remembering things. So next time you are busy feeding your baby and think of something that needs adding to your shopping list, quickly note it down in your diary. It’s a good idea to keep the diary close to your rocking chair. You can also use your diary to record how you are finding breastfeeding and being a new mom!


Now you know exactly what you need to create the perfect nursery for your baby! You’ll be surprised at the difference all these small extras will make for both you and your child.


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