Skills to Prepare Your Teen for College

Skills to Prepare Your Teen for College

Getting your baby ready for college is an exciting and scary process for all involved. As parents, we are excited for our children to experience this new stage of life. But we’re also not sure if we, or they, are ready for this next step. Meanwhile, our kids are excited to try living on their own, but get nervous every time they realize what that really means. Oh, the emotions are high while preparing for college! Here are a few ways to help your teen be best prepared for freshmen year.

1) School Skills

It’s pretty common for parents to check in on their children’s grades from kindergarten through high school, but in college, those kids are on their own. They need to know how to check their grades, manage their homework, and prioritize studying. How can parents help them get ready for that? Let them practice while they still live at home. Slowly back-off how much help you offer your kids while they are in school. Be their support system, but let them figure out the systems that work for them. If you are worried about their school habits, it might be wise to have a frank conversation about the freedom they will experience in college. Inform them that freedom can actually make a lot of new college students struggle as they procrastinate all their studying and homework. Help your child come up with a studying and homework schedule that works for them and hold them accountable.

2) Household Skills

Our kids should probably know how to scrub a toilet, do the dishes, wash laundry, and make themselves dinner before they leave the nest. Make sure your children really know these basic and important household skills before it’s time for them to leave. In high school, have your kids start to do their own laundry. There’s a good chance they’ll learn the hard way how important it is to keep the whites and reds separate or that you should only air-dry sweaters, but they’ll learn this before they get to college. In the last few months before your child leaves for college, both of you will probably want to spend more time together. A great way to get some quality time in and help them prep for the realities of living on their is by cooking dinner together. This will help them learn basic cooking skills.

3) Housing

Deciding where your child should live is a big decision. Your child will likely be worrying about where the fun places to live in college are. All while you are worried about what apartments are safe and affordable. If you can, I recommend going on tours of apartments with your child. That way both of you can see the apartment in person and ask any questions you have. When I was in college, I’d tour a complex and go knock on doors to get honest opinions of tenants. It’s also important to consider the type of roommate you would approve of as well.

Preparing your teen for college is tender and exciting, but you’ve got this. Help them out by teaching them the skills they need for school, and for daily living. Help them find a safe and fun place to live then step back and be proud.

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