Safe Driving Habits to Instill into Your Teenager Driver

Safe Driving Habits to Instill into Your Teenager Driver

As parents, we have a difficult time letting our children get behind the wheel. Although they may have passed the appropriate exams, it can still feel like a scary time for parents. As much as we would like to keep them from driving, they will eventually have to learn; which is why it is important to instill safe driving habits by setting an example. Be sure to take note of these helpful tips:


Put Down the Phone

Although it may seem like a simple task to talk a drive, this isn’t the best example to set for your newly licensed teen. Remember the old saying “do as I say, not as I do”? That doesn’t necessarily work when you want to instill safe habits as they’re driving.

When you’re driving be sure to go unplugged and avoid distracted driving. Put the phone down and have someone else in the vehicle make the phone call or text. It’s best to demonstrate the importance of giving the road your undivided attention. Setting this example will teach your teen that driving requires a special level of concentration to keep your passengers and other commuters safe.


Never Drink and Drive

Imagine you’re at dinner as a family and you enjoy a couple glasses of wine. If you decide to drive your family home after this, you’re enforcing an extremely dangerous habit. Although you might have only had two drinks, the concept still applies regardless of whether or not you’re okay to drive.

Instead of getting behind the wheel, consider having your spouse or someone else take wheel to demonstrate the responsibility of having a drink as well as driving. Each year there are endless lives lost due to the lethal act of drunk driving.


Take Care of Your Car

Chances are their first car isn’t going to be their dream car, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be taught to take care of their vehicle. Whether your family decided to buy them their own vehicle or if they use the family minivan, it’s important to instill a level of care when it comes to the car.

Car maintenance is a great way to bond with your teen by showing them the benefit of having a clean and functioning car. Consider a few of these simple tasks to work on together:

  • Wash the car
  • Detail the interior
  • Change the oil
  • Rotate the tires
  • Top off fluids

Not only will this quality time help you bond, but it will also help them save money as they grow older and care for their own cars.

A careful consideration to make before purchasing their first car is to research recalls. Often times automakers will have issues and therefore they’re required to inform consumers about these problematic vehicles. Be sure to also make sure that you’re not considering a lemon vehicle for your teen to keep them safe as they continue to expand their commuting experience.

Having your teen get behind the wheel can be unsettling, especially their first time; however, remember this is a new experience for them too. Be sure to set these examples to instill values into your young driver. Setting a good example as a parent can transcend healthy driving habits as a teen.

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