Quick Summer Crafts for Your Kids

Quick Summer Crafts for Your Kids

The kids are out of school and before you know it, they’ll be bored and asking you for fun things to do. You may have books, board games, and fun garden projects for them to get excited about, but don’t forget how effective a few easy crafts can be! With these 5 quick and easy projects, your kids will have fun making them and even more fun with them when they’re finished.


Craft Idea #1: Paper Fans

You’ve made a paper fan or two during your school days, but let’s take this one up a notch. Have some fun scrapbook paper ready or colored construction paper your kids can add their own designs to with ribbon, stickers, and crayons. This idea will be a fun and a cost effective one.

Save up those popsicle sticks you usually toss out and, once they’re done designing, folded up their fan paper, add glue to the folds on one side, then glue popsicle sticks on either end of the accordion. Let them dry, then tie them with a cute string.


Craft Idea #2: Toy Boats

Who doesn’t love to play in the water when it’s hot outside? Help your kids build some mini toy boats so they can enjoy the pool even longer. Have them use string and toothpicks to tether several corks together. They can also use construction paper and more toothpicks to design and put up a sail.

They can get even more creative building mini rafts out of twigs, sticks, and other scrap wood you might have laying around.


Craft Idea #3: Braided Yarn Dolls

If you’ve been knitting up a storm and have plenty of yarn left from a few skeins, teach your kids how to braid, fold, and tie until they’ve created a fun little doll.

Use a cardboard scrap that’s the same length you want the doll to be, then wrap your yarn around it. Once you have enough, remove the cardboard and snip one side. With a twist and fold, you have a head ready to tie off with an extra piece of yarn. Add more ties for a torso and add braids for arms and legs.


Craft Idea #4: Wood Blocks

You can also let your kids create their own room decorations with wooden letters or blocks of any size. Get creative with paint colors, glitter, and anything else you can get your hands on.

You can also let them paste craft paper and fabric swatches around the wood pieces to doll them up. Fun stencils and stickers can also be used to create new designs that your kids will love.


Craft Idea #5: Paper Flowers

Need something super easy? All you need is some colored paper, pencils, scissors, and glue to make fun twisted paper flowers. Each child can pick the color of flower they want, then have them draw a spiral on it.

You’ll have them cut along the spiral line and roll it up starting from the outside. Get rid of any extra spiral, then glue, tape, or staple the bottom of the flower together. Your kids will love making a whole bouquet of these!


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