Put A Little Effort Into Keeping The Magic Alive For Your Children This Christmas

Put A Little Effort Into Keeping The Magic Alive For Your Children This Christmas

The day your children stop believing in Santa is a sad one. The loss of magic signifies the loss of innocence in a lot of ways. Children seem to be losing these little bits of magic at a younger age than ever before. In a lot of ways, this loss appears to be in part to do with a lack of effort on behalf of adults. If you’re not actively nurturing your children’s beliefs, is it any wonder they lose them so soon? Taking steps to ensure they believe in Santa for as long as possible will keep the magic alive for them. It will spark a little something special for you too. Here are some of the ways you can help them keep their belief.




This is a classic one, and it’s important to keep it alive. Writing a list to Santa is a fantastic way to keep you children believing. It’ll help you with the job of Christmas shopping, too! Make this one of your first Christmas activities at the start of December. Buy special Christmas themed stationery for the occasion. Stick on some Christmas songs and encourage the kids to get writing. Some shops provide individual Santa post boxes. Some services even offer a reply! These can add real authenticity to the activity. Bearing in mind that it will mean the letter is gone! If you’re taking this option, make sure you’re aware of what your children have asked for. Not getting what they ask for in their letters is a sure way to ruin things.




Going to visit Santa is another excellent way to keep the faith. A vacation to somewhere like Finland will allow them to Visit Santa at the North Pole, which is sure to get them excited. Finland also offers various other Christmas activities that will get them excited. Start your Christmas white and go sledding, or riding in a sleigh. Stay in a log cabin and get into the festive mood! Such a magical festive setting is sure to keep them believing. After all, you can’t deny what’s in front of your eyes!




Getting Christmas Eve right is the most important part of all. Slipping up here will kill the faith, no matter what efforts you’ve put in beforehand. Start the excitement by getting the kids to put out a plate of mince pies and carrots before they go to bed. Scattering some crumbs on an empty plate for them to see can be an excellent touch. Be careful when you’re putting presents out. If your children are already getting suspicious, they’re going to try and catch you out with this. Leave plenty of time between them going to bed and getting the presents out. Bear in mind, too, that they’re excited and so might not go to sleep for a while! If they catch you putting presents out, there won’t be anything you can do to save the magic!

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