Protecting Your Child Outdoors in the Summer

Protecting Your Child Outdoors in the Summer

No one loves spending the hot summer days outdoors like your children do. Once you are used to the current weather, it’s easy to forget about providing them with protection from all the different elements that come with outdoor activities.


Although it has been said that allowing your children to enjoy the outdoors is important, you may have a child with a unique condition as well, so it’s important to consider each individual child’s needs when reviewing this checklist of things to prepare them for.


Shoes for Outdoor Activities

What child wants to put on shoes and socks every day when all they really want is to take them off and play in the mud? Kids tend to build up thick calluses on the bottom of their feet in the summer months, but that doesn’t prevent the whole spectrum of injuries.


Set out some specific rules about when shoes must be worn and what type of shoe. If you’ve sent them off on a hike, sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots will be best. If you’re planning to float a river or stream, water-friendly shoes that can be strapped on are a necessity. You might require them to wear shoes when riding their bike as well.


Sun Exposure Outdoors

Every parent’s first thought before sending their child to the backyard when the sky is clear and the sun is high is slathering on sunscreen. Your kid may squirm and fuss, tempting you to go easy, but a bad sunburn on even a sliver of skin can be extremely painful. It’s important to be able to enjoy the outdoors with the proper precaution.


Be sure you’re covering their arms and legs well–not just to the hems of their t-shirt or shorts–and don’t forget the small things like the back of their neck, the tops of their feet, their ears, or the part in their hair. Reapplying it throughout the day is important as well.


Even with plenty of coverage, the sun can still cause dehydration, headaches, and sunstroke, so have your child spend some time indoors or in the shade. If you use child care, find out how they help protect your children in the same conditions without you there.


Insect Repellant

When you go out camping, warding off mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies means using bug spray over and over again, but how often do you think to do this at home? They may not get too bothered playing in the midday sun, but especially when your kids are playing at dusk or in the morning before the heat of the day, they will be more exposed.


Even during the hottest days, you can find insects hanging out in the shadows where your kids might have retreated from the sun. Do some research about your area as well to see which insects and pests to keep an eye out for.


Protective Outdoor Gear

As a kid, safety just feels restrictive and uncomfortable. Wearing a bike helmet or knee and elbow pads may not feel very cool, but they are especially useful when your child is learning new things where they may be prone to fall and receive scrapes and bruises. Using bandages and antibiotic after any injuries is important, too, to help them heal quickly without scars or infections.


And yes, this can include insisting your child take a jacket. Though they may be uncomfortable in the heat, long sleeves and pants can give added protection from ticks or too much sun. Always check the weather so your child can be prepared for a rainy day as well.

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