Practical Ways To Keep Your Baby Cozy This Winter

August is nearly over, and that means the evenings will start to draw in and get darker. It also means that the mercury will soon be dropping as temperatures get considerably lower. Your infant’s little body will need some extra help to keep cozy throughout the winter. If this is the first winter you and your baby have spent together, you might be wondering about the best way to keep your new baby warm. Here are our top tips for keeping him or her cozy all winter.


Invest In A Winter Wardrobe


Your baby will need a winter wardrobe, just like you do. You will be able to layer up if things get quite cold. However, this isn’t ideal for babies. Generally speaking, your baby will be better off with one layer of thick, winter clothes. Baby Leggings and a jumper should be plenty when inside. But if you leave the house, you need to make sure your child is wrapped up to brave the elements. An all-in-one snowsuit is the best way to keep the chill away from your baby. Don’t forget a hat and gloves as well.


Don’t Heat Their Bedroom


You’ll want to ensure that your baby is warm throughout the whole night. But it is important not to let him or her get too warm. Otherwise, the baby will be at an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. To prevent this, make sure the heating in your baby’s room isn’t on throughout the night. Buying a room thermostat can help you make sure it is always around eighteen centigrade, which is the ideal temperature for babies. Whatever the temperature outside, don’t be tempted to place your child’s cot next to radiators and heaters. This can quickly lead to them getting too hot.


Get Correct Bedding


Your baby should not be sleeping with a duvet in the crib. The only bedding they need is a fitted sheet and some cotton blankets. If you think your baby might be cold, simply add another cotton blanket. The best way to see how hot your baby is is to touch his or her tummy. You should also check for sweating, heat rashes, and damp hair. Your baby should also wear a thick winter sleeping suit during the winter months. If you have all the correct bedding and pajamas, there will be no need for you to put the heating on in the nursery.


Prevent Chapped Skin


All the dry heat in your home in winter will probably be playing havoc with your skin. So imagine just how worse it could be for your baby’s soft skin! It can lose its moisture in no time at all. To prevent this from happening, invest in a good quality baby moisturizer to replenish skin moisture. Don’t worry about bathing your baby every other day. Hard water can increase the chances of chapped skin, so only bathe them every other day. By successfully preventing chapped skin, you’ll be helping your baby enjoy a comfortable winter!

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