Planning a Fun and Easy Toddler’s Birthday Party

Planning a Fun and Easy Toddler’s Birthday Party

Celebrating your child’s first birthday was fun and sweet enough, but it’s not quite the same when you know she won’t remember much of it. Now that she is a toddler, on the other hand, you can’t wait to throw a smashing party with balloons and several of her little toddler friends. People are different, and while some love a big crowd of guests at a party, others are more than happy with only a handful of guests.


Toddler’s parties can be a stressful mess or a couple of hours of sheer fun and celebrations; we have the checklist you need to throw a memorable one, as well as to make sure they all have a good time.


The planning: Invitations


A few weeks before the big day, you need to send out the invitations and set a theme for the party – if you want to have one. Your child should decide the theme, naturally, and if everyone needs to dress up as a zoo animal, you need to include it in the invitations and give the parents of your guests time enough to plan a custom.


Set the time and date, and make sure the party doesn’t clash with nap-time. Before 1 PM or after 3 PM is a good plan, and two – three hours is more than enough fun for the little ones.


There could be many invitations or just a few – again, this depends on what you’re willing to handle as a parent. Keep in mind that the parents of other toddlers should remain at the party, so you’ll have other grown-ups to help out. If a lot of parents and family members are attending, you’ll have more helping hands around but also more mouths to feed; keep a separate area for the grown-ups where they can enjoy their kind of food and have the chance to catch up.


The most important thing when you plan the party is to make sure your child’s best friend is able to come, as well as others from her inner circle.


What does the toddler want?


Some parents would like their children to have less toy, and it’s a good idea to name the type of gifts you’d like to see. It’s about what your child wants, after all, so have them check out the top toddler toys before the party or suggest other gifts. You need to think about how the unwrapping of the gifts is going to go down; with a bunch of other toddlers watching, some of them might throw a tantrum in pure jealousy. They’re children, after all, so keep this in mind and consider making your child unwrap the presents in another room.


Remember to write down who the gifts are from so that you’re able to thank the right person.


Before the party: Prep your child


When a lot of children are coming over to celebrate, you’re going to have an excited toddler on your hands. It’s a good idea to prepare her for all of this, although she’s likely to be restless and eager nonetheless. Some children might want to see her room, so make sure she puts away the toys she doesn’t want anyone to touch to avoid a catastrophe mid-party.


Anything can happen and children’s birthday parties are unpredictable, so the more planning and preparations you can do, the smoother the ride will be. It will all over with in a couple of hours in any way – until next year.

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