How A Pet Can Help A Child’s Progression

How A Pet Can Help A Child’s Progression

A lot of parents worry about bringing a pet into their family when they have a child. They worry about what the child will think of the pet, and if the pet will be okay with your kid. There are lots of benefits for having a pet around while you have a kid. Here are some ways they can help a child’s progression.


Your child can have a higher immune response


You might be surprised to know that having a pet can have a big effect on your kid’s health. A report found that children who were around a pet in their first year had a higher immune response. The children who had pets had over 30% fewer allergies and respiratory problems than children without one. It’s apparently down to them being exposed to bacteria while they are little. Therefore, if you do get a dog, you can help to keep your child healthy and happy when they are little.


They can help a child relax


If your child struggles to relax and easily gets stressed out, you might find them improve if they are around a pet. Stroking a cat or dog is a great way to feel less stressed out. As this article explains, the research found when children felt sad or angry they were more likely to go and get comfort from their pets. Having a cuddle with the pet will made them feel happy again. Just make sure your pets are protected from fleas with treatment such as frontline plus before you let your little one cuddle your pet. Otherwise, they could end up getting bitten by the fleas.


They teach them about friendship


Pets are ideal for a child’s progression as they can teach them about friendship. They begin a friendship when you get the pet which can last a lifetime. It can build their self-confidence so that they are happier to talk and play with other kids when they get to school age.


They can help them to be more active


You should consider getting a pet as it can help a child to become more active. It can be hard to keep a little one busy, so by getting a pet, they can play with them and keep busy. Also, it’s excellent for keeping your child active as the pet will encourage them to run around the garden. Taking the dog for a walk means your kid will learn to love the outside and will keep them physically active. It means they won’t be stuck inside as they can play with a ball outside in the garden.


They can teach them about nurturing


By having a pet, it can help your child to understand about nurturing. You can show them how you have to be careful with the pet by holding them nicely and not hurting them. You can also show how you need to feed and clean the pet to keep it happy and well. Pets are great for preparing them for a new sibling as they will be better with the new baby if they currently look after a pet.
Having a pet is a wonderful experience for the whole family. It will ensure your child loves animals as they grow up.

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