Motivating Kids To Get Involved In Sports

Motivating Kids To Get Involved In Sports

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Some children become natural sporty over time and may join a team or their own accord. If this is the case, fantastic. However, it may be that your child needs a bit more of a push. Well, it’s a push worth making. Sport and fitness will give your kid more energy, and they will be more focused. It can help them sleep, and it can help them maintain a healthy weight. These are just some of the benefits- there are many more. So, if you want to motivate your kid or kids get involved in sports, here are some things to try.


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Set a good example

One of the best ways to motivate your child is to set a good example. If they see you getting involved in sport or regularly attending your gym, they will be inspired by what they see. Check out if you need some motivation yourself! You can talk them through the improvements you’ve felt and seen within yourself. Indeed, they might be able to see these improvements themselves! Explain to them how you have felt an improvement in your own health. This might be in your mental well being or your physical health. You can show them how much weight you have lost, or how much healthier your skin is. You may also want to mention new friends you have met. It is much easier to imagine reaping the rewards of sport when you can see them right in front of you. Which brings us to our next point…



Lay out the benefits

Don’t just relate the benefits of sport to yourself. Explain how they will affect your child specifically. If they are being teased at school because they are overweight, explain that playing sport will help them lose this weight. Are they getting poor grades and say it is because they can’t focus? Be sure to tell them that exercise helps with this. Don’t let it seem like they are getting involved in sport for the sake of it. Find even more benefits to tell them about at



Let them try out different sports

Just as we all have different preferences of seasons and food and clothing, sport is the same. Not everybody will like every sport. Bear this in mind when motivating them to get involved. If they don’t like swimming, how about something on dry land. Check out if baseball is something you think they might like. It could be the first thing they try they genuinely do not like. If you pick up on the fact that this complaint is genuine, that’s ok. Move onto the next thing!



Go along with them

Whether your child is younger or older, their reluctance could be out of shyness. If you suspect this is the case, go along with them for their first session or game. Agree to sit out of site so you don’t ‘ruin their street cred’. Just having someone they know there with them could make all of the difference. See more ways to be a supportive parent, here.


Have them join with a friend

A huge benefit of joining a sports team is the chance to meet new friends. But to get them to that, arrange for them to join with a friend. This will give them the initial confidence to get started.

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