How To Make The Most Of The Time You Have With Your Children

How To Make The Most Of The Time You Have With Your Children

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Are you a busy parent? Do you worry that you don’t spend enough time with your children? Are you worried about going back to work or missing out on valuable moments? If so, you’re not alone. You’d struggle to find a parent who doesn’t feel guilty about leaving their child from time to time. It’s not possible to spend every minute of every day with your child. But it is possible to make every minute count. Here are some handy hints to help you make the most of the time you have with your children.


Plan Ahead

If you have a hectic schedule, planning ahead is essential. If you have holiday, make sure you write it down in your diary or set a reminder. Once you know when you have time off, you can start planning how to use it. You could go away for a few days? Or stay at home and plan some fun days out? Get out into the garden and play some games. Go to the zoo or take a picnic to the beach. Set up a treasure hunt in the backyard or make up a play. If the weather’s not playing ball, cuddle up and watch a film, do some painting or bake some cakes.


When you’re kids are old enough to share their opinions and ideas, encourage them to get involved in making plans. Ask them what they would like to do or where they would like to go. Have a family meeting, do some brainstorming and start getting excited about upcoming trips or fun outings.



If you’ve got a bit of time off, it can be tempting to check emails or try and get ahead for when you get back. But, it’s important to prioritize. Use the time you have available and devote it to your children. Try and leave work at the office and separate your home and professional lives.


Be flexible

If you’re worried about relying on others for child care, try and be flexible. Before you start looking at full-time nurseries, why not have a think about your work arrangements. Could you ask your boss to be more flexible regarding your working hours? Could you work from home a couple of days per week? Could you share child care with a friend or sibling? Or is there is an after school club in the local area? It’s worth weighing up all your options.


Have fun

This is perhaps the most important commandment when it comes to quality time with your kids. Nobody wants to waste days arguing or stressing about what to do. The time you spend together is valuable, so make sure you have fun. Be silly, have a laugh, try new things and enjoy experiences as a family.
If you’re a busy parent, it’s natural to worry about not seeing your children enough. This is why it’s essential to make the most of the time you do have. Leave work at work and focus on your family once you get home. Take advantage of holidays and have loads of fun. Don’t waste days sitting around. Enjoy the great outdoors or get creative at home.

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