Life Skills For Teens & the Summer Jobs Where They Can Learn Them

Life Skills For Teens & the Summer Jobs Where They Can Learn Them

Summers are great for teens to take a break from studying, but there will be activities where they’re turning to mom and dad for cash. Get your teens excited about ways they can earn money for their summer fun instead. And the life skills for teens to be learned? That won’t hurt either.

Cooking and Gardening

Want to get them in the kitchen a bit more? Teach them to make bread, cookies, or family meals. Either your neighbors will happily hand over a few dollars for the taste of something fresh and delicious, or you’ll be preparing a back-up for the nights no one else wants to cook.

You can also help them start a garden. Not only will they have beautiful vegetables to sell if they’d like, but they’ll also learn how to tell when they’re ripe and ready to use.

Outdoor Maintenance

Once it’s warm outside, there are lots of ways your teens can help you and your neighbors maintain your properties. Younger children do well washing windows, watering plants, and learning to weed around the flowers in your front planter.

When they get a bit older, they can handle lawn fertilization and mowing. They may like it so much that they want to start their own little business for several neighborhoods.

Sales and Business

Maybe your teen has the entrepreneurial spirit, in which case you can’t go wrong with a lemonade stand. They’ll learn how to pick an ideal location, make a tempting product, and create marketing to draw customers in.

Are there already too many lemonade stands to compete with? Then find something else to corner the market on. They can sell classic concessions like chips and candy, or spend some time making crafts that the teen a street over would love to buy.


Tell your teen that they can exchange recyclables- like aluminum cans, for money, and you’ll likely have him and his friends scouring the neighborhood for goods. They’ll have a keener eye for picking up litter and taking care of the environment after a few trips to the Recycling Center.

If they need a break from one of their other schemes, remind your teens that work can still be fun when it’s hot by washing cars. They can play in the water and stay cool while still making money and being with their friends–all at a much lower cost than the neighbors would have to pay for a carwash downtown.

Responsibility for Others

If you want to teach your teens how to be responsible for someone other than themselves, suggest walking the neighbor’s dog or taking care of their animals while their away on vacation.

When they’re old enough, they can start babysitting the young children that live close by, too. They’ll learn about leadership, problem-solving, and maybe a little bit about what it’s like to be a parent.


When your child is old enough, there are more formal jobs they can take on, like a paper route. They might have to practice getting up earlier than usual, and they’ll learn to prove their skills and reliability to someone who hasn’t watched them grow up.

They’ll be able to start working a bit more independently and get to know the city they live in a bit better as they deliver the news on streets they didn’t know where there before.

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