Life Lessons You Can Learn from Child Beauty Pageants

Life Lessons You Can Learn from Child Beauty Pageants

It’s likely that you already have an opinion on this article because of its title, and it’s not in the dead center. Girls who participated in these pageants may have conflicting opinions as well because of their unique experiences.

There are many things that child beauty pageants condone that I don’t agree with, but despite all of them, there are still a few positive things they teach your child that will help them throughout their whole life (just so long as they don’t go overboard).



To do well in a pageant or a sport, you need to be at least a little competitive, and that competitiveness is more likely to come out if the goal–winning the game or the title–is what you really want.

This should be taught in balance with caring for and empathizing with others. As they practice using these qualities in their younger years, they’ll learn to use them at a higher level. When it comes time for your child to seek success at university or work, they’ll be able to use that ambition and motivation to get where they want to go.



As a pageant contestant, a child is expected to look the part. They may go overboard with hairspray, makeup, and spray tanning, but they also put time into eating a healthy diet, exercising, and keeping clean.

These pageants can be difficult because of unrealistic expectations concerning the outer appearance, but the biggest take away from this point is that you want your child to know how to take care of their body and their mind.

Especially as they go through the fluctuating circumstances of life, you want them to brush their teeth and hair as well as visit doctors and dentists like Grove City Dental to prevent poor health.



People of all ages struggle with having confidence. It may be because they are different, they compare themselves too much to others, or they doubt their own knowledge and abilities. Children in pageants learn from the beginning that they have talents, they are important, and with the right attitude they can wrap people around their little fingers.

We don’t want our kids to get too carried away, but activities and relationships that can teach them to be confident will help them to face challenges rather than back down from them.


Giving Back

It’s easy to get caught up in the politics and dramatics of pageant players (some children’s parents, am I right?), but pageants also require contestants to support platforms they believe are important and give back to the community.

They learn to take part in volunteer opportunities and services. While they do, they are building important relationships with all sorts of people and recognizing how they can contribute to making the world a better place. Rather than waiting for change, they will learn that they can make it happen!



If you never suffered from a fear of public speaking, you did not miss out, but there are plenty of people who go through life afraid to talk in front of crowds despite being intelligent and knowledgeable.

Child pageants give children a place to practice speaking out in a clear, concise manner. They also have to think on their feet while answering questions put to them by grown-ups. As they learn to interact with these people on equal footing, they’ll be ready to take a place in more serious discussions that affect their future community and government



Maybe you’re not a fan of child beauty pageants, and that’s okay, but remember that there are important life skills participants are able to refine by doing so, some that get much less attention in other child activities.

So while you may not be itching to sign your kid up for the next pageant to come through town, you can at least take some inspiration from it on important life skills to starting teaching.

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