Kids & The Dentist: 4 Fears And How To Conquer Them

Kids & The Dentist: 4 Fears And How To Conquer Them

Kids at Dental clinic

Attempting to take a child to the dentist can sometimes be equivalent to pulling teeth. Unbearable. Kids for some reason have this mindset that the dentist is a scary place, and to be honest, it can be a bit intimidating at first. And if a child has had an unpleasant dental experience before, it can make it even harder to convince them the dentist isn’t an unsafe place. Here are some common fears that many children have with going to the dentist. Though, hopefully after reading this, you’ll be able to make your child’s first or next visit an enjoyable one.

Who Is This Stranger?

Kids may be hesitant to just walk into the dentist office and have some man or woman they’ve never met, work on their mouth. To them, the doctor is a stranger and they don’t know anything about him or her.

To overcome this unfamiliarity between your kid and their dentist, talk with the doctor prior, to see if you can either come in few minutes earlier so that your kid can sit and get to know them. This can be beneficial and allow questions and uneasiness that your kid has, to be asked.

Those Are Going in My Mouth?

Dental tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are long and pointy, some seem too wide to fit into a mouth, and other’s just look like torture equipment.

A great way for your child to conquer being scared of these instruments is suggesting that the doctor go through each tool’s job and allow the kid to hold it for themselves. This gives them a sense of “oh, ok, that doesn’t seem so bad”.

What Is That Noise?

dentistThe instruments that the dentist use can be quite loud at times. The sound of drilling can also be uncomfortable for your child to hear as they’re laid back and unable to see what exactly is going on.

 If it is cleared by the dentist and won’t be in their way, see if your little patient can listen to music through headphones to block out the noise. If not headphones, even simple orange buds will work just as well.

Why Do I Have to Go? 

We’ve all been there, wondering why? Whether it be a project in school or a task given to us at work. We’re curious people and always want to know what the reason is behind something. Same goes for our little ones. They’re going to wonder what the dentist does and why they need to go.

There are several ways to tackle this question, either sit down and talk with your child, read a book about dentists or act out a trip to the dentist in your own home. Most importantly, be sure to emphasize that the dentist is not going to harm them but are there to help them.

Kids have a million thoughts and fears going on in their head. Going to the dentist most likely is one of them. If your kid has questions about it, discuss it with them. The more they know, the less they are going to feel threatened by going. Again, see if you can call up your local dentist, and take a “field trip” for a hands-on experience.

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