How To Help Your Teen Find the Best Job

How To Help Your Teen Find the Best Job

Nowadays, many teens begin searching for jobs before they are even eligible to start working. In some areas of the country, teens can begin working at the age of 15. Though some parents may disagree with the age, there are employers that will become interested in employing teens for part time work. Depending on the schedule of your teen, a part-time job while in high school might be a great option for their upbringing.


Additionally, a part-time position can become a rewarding task that your teens can excel within. Additionally, a part-time job teaches teens fundamental skills that, as parents, we may not be able to teach them. It’s always a positive learning experience when skills are taught from an array of individuals. Besides, teens learn better through re-enforced teachings from different individuals.


As a parent, there are a few things that you can ensure your teens part-time position offers that will positively affect their well-being.




As a teen, it’s important to have a great mix between free time, and time spent at school and work. Ensuring your teens employer is well aware of your son or daughter’s school, and extracurricular activity schedule is important for ensuring they are effectively managing their time outside of school. Since school is the number one focus for most parents and teens during their pre-adult stages, make sure your teenager’s part-time employer is willing to work with any scheduling conflicts that may come up. They need to have a full understanding that a teenagers schedule may be very busy, and as an employer, they should be willing to accommodate for this flexibility.


Healthy Practices


Check into the health and wellness aspects of your teens employment. Do they offer sick time off? Will there be any conflicts if an employee becomes sick or requests to leave because they are not feeling well? Read reviews online, and do some research prior to allowing your teen to commit to a part-time position. A lot of times, parents do not look into this aspect and soon regret it down the road when issues arise.


Also, do further research. Does the employer offer any type of benefits for part time employees? Some of the most important areas to research include access to local gyms, or workout facilities. Most large-scale businesses will offer employees a discounted membership to a fitness facility, to promote community health and wellness. If these are not offered, are there any groups within the company set up by other employees, that your teen could become involved with? For teens who may not be as active regularly, this is an extremely important aspect.




Another often overlooked area in teens potential employment is scheduling. Be sure to research the operating hours of the business, and make sure the shifts within those hours will work for your teen. How late does the business stay open? What time does it open in the morning? Are these shifts required of those who are part-time employees? These are all relative questions to ask, and can ensure the position your teen is seeking is right for them.


Overall, as a parent, there are many areas in which we forget to do more research. One of the greatest pitfalls we may experience is a lack of initiative when helping our teens to select the correct part time position. As a parent, allowing our teens the freedom to select their own path can be a rewarding idea, but we should still practice some caution with this idea. Research, and ensure your teens are picking jobs that will benefit them in the long run, and allow them to make some additional side money at the same time!

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