How To Help Your Teen Out of Their Dangerous Occupation

How To Help Your Teen Out of Their Dangerous Occupation

Do you have a teenager who has a job? Whether they are in school, or going into college for the first time, a job may be something that is required for their well being and support. Without a job during their high school or early years in college, it may be difficult to do things such as save for college tuition, save for a car, or add money to his/her savings account.

A part time job can also be a great way for teens to interact with individuals who are similar in age and interest level. It’s a great way for them to meet teens in other school districts, or areas of the city of county in which they reside. Additionally, part time jobs for teenagers are great ways to help demonstrate how to positively develop a strong work-ethic and build upon moral principles that all teens should be accustomed to. It helps them to develop a sense of independence, and accountability outside of the home and at school.

But for many, obtaining a part time job when teens have little to no education can lead them into jobs that could pose a higher risk of danger while on the job. This is because these types of occupations often have little to no learning requirement, and are entry level positions that often require no specific certifications or training level. When faced with this situation, it can be difficult for parents to overcome these types of decisions that teens are making. However, there are plenty of ways we can help them through this journey with their safety in mind.




The first step is encouraging your teen. Offer support, and ask probing questions that allow them to open up and discuss some of their day-to-day tasks at work. When they arrive back home after a shift at work, ask them how their shift went. Were there any problems that they faced? How did they overcome them?

Encourage your teen to discuss some of the dangers or safety hazards they might come into contact with at work. Are there things that his/her employer has developed that keep their employees safe at work?




One of the best known ways to reinforce safe behavior is to teach its practices at home. Are there things that can be changed or daily routines that can be altered within your own home? Practicing various small changes within one’s daily life can make a large difference when it comes to teaching safe behaviors. Small changes, like regularly washing your hands, looking both ways when crossing an intersection, and triple checking your work for mistakes can help to mold your teen into developing safe practices in all aspects of his or her life.


Assist With Applications


Finally, if you feel strongly about the need for your teen to find a different part time position because of safety concerns, you can help them with applications. There are many job searching websites such as and where parents and teens can search for part time positions within their area. Develop a plan, and spend an allocated amount of time each evening searching for a safer alternative for your teen. Help them develop a resume, and send it out to positions that would be safer, and do not have a health or safety hazard.

Regardless of the type of part time position that you teen participates in, there are many ways in which parents can help to reinforce their job safety and well-being while at home. If you believe your teen or young-adult aged son or daughter is working within an industry that may not be the safest, make an action plan to help them find a new line of work.

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