3 Ways To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

3 Ways To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

We’re not sure if all children just have this inherent disdain for eating healthy. But it’s a pretty common occurrence among most children at dinner time to look the other way when the veggies are all that’s left on their plate.

And we understand the frustration. Even if you smother the broccoli in butter, you know it tastes better. But it still looks like a weird green thing to your child.

So how can you make eating healthy foods more of a priority for your child?

Every child looks at the world differently. These tips we have may not all work for you, but keep trying until you find something that does. We’re certain that you can.

Fun Shapes

Cut their food. Whether it’s a sandwich, quesadilla, fruits, or veggies into fun shapes- like their favorite animal, hearts, stars, or a seasonal element like pumpkins, a turkey, or Santa. A simple transformation of your child’s food change things. It can take it from “that yucky green thing” to an item of their imagination. Of course, they could be more likely to play with it than actually eating it. But, that’s still closer than they go to it before, right?

Play With Food

Most of us probably teach our children not to play with their food – especially in public. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Set up a broccoli “forest” or vegetable “garden” on a tray. Have your child be the monster destroying the forest and eating the trees, or a giant rabbit eating up all of the veggies in the garden. Join in with them to show them just how fun it can be to eat their vegetables.

If your child is older or lacks the imagination to be a monster or giant rabbit, create a game out of it. Play tic-tac-toe with carrot slices (you can turn them into X’s and O’s). Whoever loses has to eat all of their pieces. Get creative and find a way that you can play with some healthy food while encouraging your child to eat it too.

Hidden Veggies

With younger children, it’s usually the look of food that grosses them out. Hopefully you can find a way to hide the green or the weird shape of a healthy food item. It will be tremendously more easy to get them to eat it.

Here are some ideas that you may find super useful in helping your child eat healthier:

  • Smoothies. Mix avocado, spinach, beets, or carrots into a smoothie. Avocado is a super healthy fat and won’t compromise the flavor. The taste of spinach can be covered with apple juice, but it will make the smoothie green, so serve it in an opaque container if green is gross to your child. Beets will turn the drink a pretty pink, just be sure to add plenty of fruit to mask the flavor. Carrots might change the texture and turn the smoothie orange, but with some fruits to mask the flavor, it will be great.
  • Veggie Mac n Cheese. Cauliflower, squash and orange-ish veggies are the best to use for this hidden veggie meal. Boil the veggies you choose to use in water until they are soft. Then drain them and blend them until smooth in a blender. Mix them in with your cheese sauce before adding the noodles, and wa-la! Your kids will never be suspicious. Tasty has a great video and recipe for this meal too if you want to try it.
  • Sauces. Anytime you have a sauce, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce – like with the mac and cheese – you can mix pureed veggies into it to add that extra boost of nutrition for your kids without them knowing otherwise.

If you just cannot get your kids to eat any healthy food items, try asking a dentist for advice. They can offer tips and specific food items that would be best to incorporate into your child’s diet for optimum oral health.

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