Frugal Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy All Summer Long

Frugal Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy All Summer Long

It’s only a matter of days until school is out for the summer, which is when you feel a whole load of simultaneous emotions that range from euphoria to pure fear. The latter is because, well, you’re going to need to find ways you can keep your kids entertained without having to remortgage your home.

It is no lie that parents see their monthly expenditure skyrocket in the summer months as they scramble to keep their kids happy and stave away the dreaded words of, “I’m boooooored!” Camp, classes, sports leagues, holidays, trips, cinema visits; yes these things work, but they all heap the pressure onto your bank balance too.

That’s where we come in because we’ve come up with a list of ways to help you keep your kids laughing and smiling and for a maximum of a few bucks. Parenting can be challenging, but it is so much easier when we pull together and share our ideas.


Go Camping

Vacations can add up quickly, especially if you go abroad. But even if you hire a place in your own country, a weekend away can be more expensive than you first imagined it to be. Not only that, but it is just a week and the rest of your summer budget is in jeopardy. That’s where camping thrives. Not only is it a cheap alternative, but it tends to be way more fun. You and your kids in the great outdoors, living on one-pot meals for a few days and going on adventures that last from dawn to dusk, swimming in lakes and hanging smores over the fire. Camping creates lifelong memories. Even a night in a tent in your back garden will keep your kids happy.


Home Videos

You know that overpriced smartphone that you have but don’t use to its full potential, well it has a video camera on it that is ideal for making home videos with. What’s more, there are some amazing apps out there that make editing so easy as you can see here It could be a singing contest you hold, or come up with a dance routine, or making an actual mini film using your fancy dress box. Not only is this cheap and fun, it gets your kids to explore their amazing imaginations, and you get to keep the memories. It surely doesn’t get better than that.


Invite Their Friends Over

When kids get together, their imaginations spark and fizz like loose fireworks. It is absolutely incredible to watch. What’s more, they will start entertaining themselves. Sure, you could help them along by giving them a few props to see what they come up with, things like cardboard boxes and whatnot, but you don’t have to. All you need to do is invite their cousins or friends over and, voila, they’re as happy as Larry (whoever he is).


Epic Coupon Savings

We stumbled across this site called the other day and it had us thinking. Not only can you make epic savings, but you could use it to your advantage this summer and get certain things for free, things that will keep your kids entertained. Think about it. They have a coupon for a 30-day free trial with Amazon Prime on there. This will cover you for summer. There are loads of things on there aimed at kids, which will not only offer you savings but also give you ideas. Double whammy.


Feed Their Imaginations

All your kids need is a little encouragement and their imaginations will go absolutely wild. It could be things as simple as designing a scavenger hunt, or you go all out and have them start a make-believe detective agency and start solving made-up crimes. They could even use the video on your phone and make a mini TV series. Stock up on arts and crafts stuff too, not least because the benefits are amazing. There is an infinite amount of ways you can feed their imaginations all of which they will run with for hours and they are completely free too.


Kitchen Time

We all have a quick baking recipe that we go to, whether it be cupcakes or brownies or muffins or whatever, but why not get them involved in something super fun and healthy too. Yes, we are alluding to homemade pizzas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could do though whole dough kneading stuff, otherwise just get a plain base and have them do all the toppings. That’s dinner sorted then.


Free Outdoor Fun

Everywhere on earth has space for your kids to go wild and explore and have epic fun. It could be a trip to the local park or the beach. It could be a hike up the mountains or a bike ride through trees or a swim in the lake. Take a picnic with you and make an entire day of it. If there are other free activities nearby then all the better. You know, things like animal sanctuaries where you can watch how rescuers help local wildlife. All of these things will tick another day off the list without hitting your wallet too hard, if at all.

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