Everything A New Parent Needs To Know

Everything A New Parent Needs To Know

Whether you have been trying to conceive for a while or a pregnancy was a total shock. Getting those special blue lines on that pregnancy test is a life changer. In the first instance, you will be hit with an overly emotional response no doubt. There may be tears, laughter, smiles, and joy. The the excitement hits. Your Pregnancy is a magical time. Your body is changing, and doing something miraculous. You may be suffering from morning sickness, a bad back, and all those other pleasant pregnancy symptoms. Perhaps you were lucky and was blessed with the glowing look and healthy food cravings. Each pregnancy journey is different for each mother. Just enjoy the time you have, it’s nine months before your life will change once again when the baby arrives.




Sometimes, as parents, we can forget exactly what it is like to be a new parent. The unknown journey laid out before us. We may remember some of the tougher times, or perhaps just recall only the good memories. What we will all agree on is that the time goes so quick. However, becoming a parent for the first time is incredibly daunting. So I thought it would be a great idea just to pinpoint down the essential things all new parents should know. Hopefully, it will reassure you.


That overwhelming feeling of love


During your pregnancy perhaps a mom friend or someone you know may tell you about that feeling when you hold your baby in your arms. You may dismiss it. Perhaps thinking that it will be an obvious moment. But that overwhelming feeling of love towards your baby is so powerful and an amazing moment in your parenting journey. It’s the first time you will lay your eyes on your baby’s face. That moment you just know that you would do anything for that baby. Take note of how you feel, what you thought, how they smelt, everything. Remember it. You will always have that feeling, but you will never experience it for the first time with that child again. Of course, you will be better prepared for any future children. But if you get the chance try and store that memory away. It’s so special. No one will ever be able to describe exactly how it feels, but it will blow your mind. In a good way.


The lack of sleep


When you announce you are expecting a child, I think the most common subject amongst friends and family will be sleep. Or lack of to be more exact. Everyone will tell you how little sleep you get in those early days, in that first year or three if you have a troublesome sleeper. Everyone tells you to make the most of your time. Do you listen to them? Perhaps not. No one truly understands how sleep deprivation can affect you until you are going through it. The best advice for any new parent would be to get as much rest as you can before the baby arrives. Once that little one is here try and sleep and rest when the baby does. You may feel like you have chores to do but relax. This will be the first time you have a valid excuse not to do those dishes or cook tea. Let someone else take over for a bit.


Every parent will tell you that the lack of sleep is quite soul destroying. But try and remember those early nights as just a phase. Before you know it your little one will be sleeping through the night, and you won’t get that special one on one time with them anymore. They grown, they develop and those newborn days don’t last for long. Savour them while you can. Just remember to get as much rest as you can when the opportunity arises. A rested mommy makes a happy mommy. Which means a happy baby.


There are two of you still in a relationship


When a new baby comes along, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your child and forget that you are still two individuals. It’s difficult to determine where mommy and daddy finish and you as a couple begins. Especially if you are breastfeeding and feel like your body is for your baby. While no one is telling you to jump into bed with one another as soon as a moment arises, it’s good for your relationship to remember you are still in one. In the newborn days remember to support one another, it may feel like you’re the only one that is sleep deprived but the chances are your partner is to. Your a team. You are a couple. You entered parenthood united so make sure you stay that way.


Once the baby get’s a little older, you can invest more time into your relationship. It’s much better for a child to be raised by happy, contented parents than not. This will be the same if you decide to separate. As long as the parents are happy, then the baby will be happy. If you together as a couple a great thing to do would be to set one night a month, or as often as you can for a date night. You could consider the Babysitters Registry for someone to look after your little one. Yes, you may spend the whole time discussing that gorgeous baby or your children. But getting out of the house and enjoying a leisurely meal and a few drinks will be just enough to recharge your batteries. Another suggestion would be to communicate with one another and just consider the other person from time to time. Sometimes the grass may seem greener for the parent who goes to work all day, just like it would for the parent who stays at home with the baby. But often that isn’t the case. Take into consideration one another’s feeling and talk.


The baby blues are normal


Do you find yourself getting teary? Do you feel down and unhappy and you have no idea why? Have you recently had a baby? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you might be experiencing the baby blues. This is perfectly normal when you have had a baby and may even make an appearance in the first year of your baby’s life. You have just been on the biggest emotional roller coaster of your life; your hormones are all over the place. Getting tearful and upset doesn’t mean you are depressed or not content with your life. It’s just your hormones playing havoc on your mind. This is just a phase, and it will pass. Just keep doing the things you enjoy and remembering the good times. For dad’s, this might be difficult to witness, and you may not understand why it is happening. But rest assured your wife or partner will get back to normal. She will just need your love and support throughout this emotional time.


It is worth remembering though that if the problem persists it would be recommended to seek a little help form the doctor. Baby blues can develop into Postnatal Depression. Don’t be alarmed or scared about this, it happens to many new mothers and is more common than you think. A doctor will be able to advise on some things that will improve your situation.


Everyone will have an opinion


One of the top things all new parents must remember is that everyone will have an opinion. They will make comments on anything from how you hold your baby to how you feed them. Everyone’s opinion will be different, and this can be quite confusing. The best thing to do is take these opinions with a pinch of salt. They are worth listening to because you may find some things useful. But you will know in your mind what is best and what isn’t. That maternal instinct that everyone talks about, it’s there, and it is very real. You will know what to do because instinct will take over. Always trust your gut. As parents, we will always know what is right for our baby. Of course, we don’t know everything. Which is why hearing out what people have to say can be beneficial. You may think that what they have said is worth trying, just as long as you believe it is, rather than doing something that doesn’t feel right.


Don’t rush through the first few months


Don’t rush those first few months of being a parent. The newborn days go by so fast that before you know it, they are over. It’s all consuming at the beginning, but try and embrace it and enjoy it. Most parents will tell you that with their first baby you always wish for the next milestone. You can’t wait to start weaning or when they can walk and talk. But try and enjoy the baby days as much as you can. They don’t last forever.


I hope this has given you a bit of insight into what you should remember when you become a new parent.

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