Dealing With Your Sugar-Craving Child

We all had a sweet tooth when we were young. Unfortunately, now that we’re more aware than ever of the health effects involved in eating too much sugar, we need to start changing our habits and teaching our children the consequences of chowing down too many sweets. But it can be difficult, especially if you have stubborn children. Thankfully, we’ve put together a couple of tips that will help you deal with a sugar-craving child.


Be the role model your children need


We all worry about our children and their health, but what right do we have to control our children when we can’t control ourselves? If you regularly purchase things like doughnuts and sweets and let your kids try some, then you’re not being a good role model. If you’re going to deny them sweets to help their health, then you too need to deny yourself treats. Don’t cave into your sweet tooth (especially in front of them) or else you won’t set a very good example and you’ll teach them bad habits. In short, no more snacking on sweets!


Drinks are a huge problem


Sugary drinks are a much bigger problem than actual sweets. This is because drinks go down so much easier and have far more sugar than something like a boiled sweet or some chocolate. Liquid calories are one of the leading causes of obesity in children. Downing too much cola or even fruit juice can be bad for anyone, which is why it’s important to limit liquid calories as much as possible. Stick to drinks like tea and water, or try and convince your children to drink sugar-free alternatives. Limit the fruit juice, but don’t completely remove it from their diet because it provides plenty of good vitamins and minerals.


Teach them the consequences


Make sure you let your children know what it’s like to have bad teeth as a result of consuming too much sugar. Book regular dental visits at services like Sol Dental Care and make sure you teach your children what the consequences are. Many children are scared of dental visits because of the needles involved and the slight pain they might encounter. With regular dental visits, they’ll quickly learn to stay away from sweets to avoid ever visiting the dentist. While it might seem like a mean way to teach them about the consequences of sweets, it’s an effective method of deterring children.


Don’t use sweets as a reward


Far too many parents use sweets as a way to get their children to pay attention or do something good. For example, you might award your child with a pack of sweets if they do their homework. While it might seem innocent, it’s actually training your child to do those things just for the sake of sweets. Don’t give sweets the feeling of a reward. Instead, make them a treat that your children get now and then. Try and disassociate sweets with rewards as much as possible and your children are far less likely to beg for them.

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