Creating the perfect snowman with your child

Creating the perfect snowman with your child

The mountains and much of the northern United States are a treasure trove of wild, beautiful nature during the summer, but the winter… Some might call it a winter wonderland. Others a frozen wasteland. Whatever the descriptor you use there is no getting around the snow that piles up everywhere. What should you do with all of this snow? Well, build a snowman with your child, of course!

If your snowman building skills are a little rusty, don’t worry. We’ll go through just what you need to do to make the perfect snowman.

Step 1 – Check the snow

First, you’ll need the right kind of snow. Typically this is snow that is a little more wet and holds together when you ball it up in your hands. A good way to gauge if the snow is right is to watch the snow removal vehicles. If the snow is clumping up while getting pushed aside then it is most likely ready for you to begin your snowman.

Step 2 – Picking the spot

Before you begin building your snowman you’ll need to find the right spot for him. After all, once you’ve started, that guy isn’t moving until he melts. Choosing a spot with level ground will help keep your snowman from tipping over. Also finding a shady spot for him to sit will help your snowy man to stick around a little longer.

Step 3 – Form your snowballs

Decide what your snowman will look like. Is he a classic three stacked snow structure? If he is Reader’s digest suggests using the 3-2-1 rule. That means that if your bottom snowball is about three feet wide then you’ll want to aim for your second layer being around two feet wide and the top getting no larger than one foot.

Another tip to keep in mind is that snow is heavier than it seems. Rolling up a massive snowball for the bottom of your snowman may seem like a good idea, but don’t forget you have two other snowballs that you’re going to have to haul up on top of the first.

Step 4 – Making him sturdy

To give your snowman the best chance of staying upright, try flattening out the top of each layer of snowball. This will help keep the top and middle section from toppling off as soon as you place them on.  It will also help if you pack snow in between the sections once they’ve been added together.

Jim Sysko, credited for building the world’s largest snowman, said, “Snowmen usually end up being chunkier than human beings. A thin, anorexic snowman won’t make it.” So in the case of a snowman, bigger is always better.

Step 5: Adding personality

Now it is time to give your snowman some life. Rocks and sticks are usually pretty easy to find for his eyes, mouth, and arms. If you choose to use food for any part of your snowman, like the classic carrot nose, just keep in mind that his facial features may end up as a snack for some hungry woodland creature.

You did it! You created your own perfect snowman. There never has been nor will there ever be a snowman that it quite like yours.

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