The Best Service Projects To Complete With Your Children

The Best Service Projects To Complete With Your Children

The holidays are a time for lighting up people’s lives. They are a time to serve and give back to the community and help others in need. Try to take some time this holiday season to plan a service activity with your family that everyone can enjoy and be involved in. A preschool in Rigby put together this list of service projects that you can do with your children.

Giving Tree

Find a giving tree in your community. Some of the best places to check are at the hospital, a church, or local businesses. Typically, giving trees have descriptions of families or individuals in your community who are in need. Let your children pick names, or descriptions, from the tree that they can go shop for. Help them pick a person who closely resembles their interests, and then let them go shopping for this individual. They will have so much fun picking out a gift for a little girl or boy in need, and it will teach them to help others and serve in the community. Help them wrap up the gift after shopping and take it back to the giving tree organizers.

Animal Shelter

Volunteer with your children at an animal shelter to play with the dogs and cats. This will probably just seem like fun to your kids, but it can teach them responsibility by allowing them to help care for the animals. It also helps domesticate animals and make them more friendly so they are more likely to get adopted. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, this could be a good experiment to see how your kids interact with animals.  

Yard Cleanup

Secretly rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor who needs it, like an elderly neighbor or single mother. Wait for a time when they won’t be home, or get up really early one morning to surprise them before they wake up. Assign a task to your child to help with the cleanup and make sure they know it is a secret. Surprising people, even if work is involved, is always fun. Just remember to make sure it’s someone you know well enough that this surprise will be appreciated and not an annoyance.

Soup Kitchen

Volunteer at a soup kitchen to help serve food to the homeless members of your community. Talk to your kids beforehand to educate them about why we have soup kitchens and how your kids can help the people who come to them. Older children can help serve the food, while younger kids can hand out napkins and silverware.


Look for a homeless shelter or women’s shelter in your community that you can donate too. Help your kids pick out toys and clothes that they are willing to give up or that don’t fit them anymore, and take them to donate these items to the shelter. Many of these shelters will also tell you the items that they need the most. Find out what those are, and help your kids go shopping for these items.

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