Baby Tech: What Should You Get?

Baby Tech: What Should You Get?

When you’re pregnant and trying to get together everything you need for the baby’s arrival, you’re likely to find that you have a tonne of stuff to keep in mind. Not only do you need clothes, food, diapers, and all of the everyday essentials, you also need a few more complex things that, quite frankly, can often confuse you a little. And this is definitely the case when it comes to baby technology. There are so many different gadgets that you may have heard of or seen in stores, but how do you know which will be the most useful? Here are five that you’re likely to love.




First of all, you may find yourself in need of a baby monitor. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important things on your list. But which will you get? To decide, head to a store with a wide selection, such as Bo Bebe, and compare some of the popular models. Although traditional monitors were sound monitors, now they can show you video footage of your sleeping (or wide awake) baby, as well as track things like their heart rate and breathing to give you further peace of mind.


Baby Swing


Baby bouncers are nothing new. Moms have been using them to bounce their babies to sleep for years. However, now, things have changed. Instead of a stationary bouncer, you can work with a technological swing. Baby swings can rock your baby or gently shake them with soft vibrations to help send them off to sleep, or even comfort them when they’re restless. And for this reason, they’re a definite must-have for your list.


Thermo Pacifier


One of the biggest worries that moms can have when they have a newborn, is whether they’re sick or not. When your baby doesn’t stop screaming, and they’ve already been fed or changed, it would be handy to know if something is up. And that’s where this pacifier comes in. You can get tech-ready versions that come with thermometers built in. So then you can tell when your little one has a fever and may not be feeling themselves.


A Noise Machine


When you’re really struggling to send your baby off to sleep, you may want to use a tech solution here too. Enter the baby noise machine. You can get a range of different designs, but in short, they play white noise to help send your baby off to sleep. Some even mimic the sounds in the womb, which can be comforting to your baby and ensure that they finally get off to sleep.


Baby Care Timer


And finally, when you first become a mom, you become all too aware (very quickly) that you have A LOT to keep track of. From your baby’s feeding schedule to the times that they’ve been changed, you may not have time to note it all down. Even worse, you may lose the paper you note it all down on. But with a baby care timer, you can keep it all in one place and try to keep your head together as you survive on little sleep!

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