A Football Mom’s Guide to Being a #1 Fan

A Football Mom’s Guide to Being a #1 Fan

Pay the fees, chauffeur to practices, and show up to the games. It seems easy enough, right? Well, think again, because this just skims the surface of what it means to be a football mom. New to the club? Here are a few tips to get you up to speed on being your son’s #1 fan this football season. 


Planning a family vacation next summer? If so, you better plan on it being anytime before the month of August seeing as that’s when tryouts and practices start. Oh, and don’t forget to work around the football camps typically held in July. Most coaches are pretty strict about attendance, so don’t get your hopes too high about your son missing pre-season training for that extended family reunion.

Practice times will differ depending on your child’s school but expect practices to be anywhere from one and a half to three hours, four days a week. You can say goodbye to either your Friday or Saturday nights depending on what day your boy’s games fall on. It’s advised to keep a calendar of practices, game times, and locations for the season. 

Doctor Visits

Before any student can participate in school sports, s/he must complete a pre-participation physical exam or screening. This physical is to ensure the young athletes are in healthy condition before participating in any sports. Some schools will organize a group screening for their athletes, but you will most likely need to schedule this with a pediatrician, primary care physician, or a walk-in clinic. 

Get ahead of the game and make sure you have a trusted doctor for any sports injuries that may occur throughout the season. It’s best to be prepared for the worst since football is a dangerous sport!

Team Spirit

Be prepared to add a whole new color combo to your wardrobe; as your son’s #1 fan, it’s important to dress the part! School sweatshirts and hoodies are a good staple for those chilly fall nights out on the bleachers. Speaking of bleachers, consider bringing bleacher seats or blankets to sit on (and bundle up in) to stay comfortable while cheering on your star athlete.

If you want to get involved even further, then you may consider asking your son’s coaches how you can volunteer for different team events. Many schools will hold various team-bonding activities, so find out how you can play a role in these.


Out of everything, showing your son that you care about his hobbies is the most important of all. Sure it’s important to watch the calendar, schedule appointments, and show team spirit. But your son will appreciate it so much more when he can see your interest in his interests. 

This doesn’t mean you have to love football, but it might mean learning about his position and how the sport works a little bit. Ask him questions, do some research, and comment on those awesome plays he makes out on the field. Welcome to the club!

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