How To Entertain The Entire Family This Christmas

How To Entertain The Entire Family This Christmas

When the Holiday season comes around, there’s a lot more people to entertain near enough 24/7. Whether you’re a new parent or your house has been filled with babies, toddlers, and teens for as long as you can remember, it remains the same. You have a lot of time off together over the festive period.

So, it’s time to think about how you’ll use that time. Will you plan events together or think of things that suit each person. Take a look at some top tips on entertaining the entire family for the Holidays.


For The Babies


Now, the babies you’re used to. It’s always you and them. There’s not a lot of difference the Holiday season can make to your time together. But, you can think about the toys that you choose to give them. Sites like The Toy Shelf have toys for babies, covering everything from themed choices to educational ones. If you’re worried about keeping a baby entertained along with everyone else, this could be the right idea to keep everyone happy.


For The Toddlers



Toddlers can be so much fun to entertain at Christmas. This year, the finally understand better and can get excited about the Holidays too. Take them to see snow or reindeer and teach them about the traditions. They’ll even love to see Santa now that they know who he is and all about the spirit of Christmas. It’s al this age that the magic of Christmas truly comes alive.


For The Teens


Teens are always hard to entertain. Dependent on their mood, or if they’re a moody teenager altogether, and their tastes, a blanket answer doesn’t always work. So, instead, you’ll have to think about what your teen likes and go from there. Maybe they want to give back and volunteer somewhere? It’s a good move to make a Christmas. So is balancing out charity work with responsibilities like picking out the Christmas tree that year – which is something they’re sure to love.


For Everyone


And then there are the things that you all want to do together. Perhaps you have Holiday traditions you like to do. Or, if not, what not start a new one that you can do for years to come? Picking out new tree ornaments, going carol singing or taking a trip to the theater to see a festive show are always great family fun ideas. You could even choose to go ice skating to take a trip for a few days, and there’s always volunteering for the entire family too.


And Finally… For You!


It’s easy to think about your little ones during the Holidays, but parents need a break too. You want to enjoy the festive season as much as your children do, so it’s also important to think about the entertainment choices that suit you too. Maybe a quick pampering session or being cooked for will work? If so, have a conversation with your husband and put the plans in place. The magic of the Holidays is really something special.

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