8 Sentimental Graduation Gift Ideas

8 Sentimental Graduation Gift Ideas

Having a child graduate is a special time in their lives. As you send them off to pursue their dreams and goals you might be wondering what you could give them that would really matter. Money is a gift that is almost always gratefully received and can help them in reaching their goals but it won’t last long. If you’re looking for a sentimental graduation gift for your child, here are 8 ideas to get your wheels turning.


Find them a nice journal that will last them through their first big adventures as a graduate. On the front few pages of the journal take the time to write out a message that they can look back on when they need a pick-me-up. If you don’t want to fill the front pages with your writing you could also pick a few random pages throughout the journal to write a line or two of encouragement or motivational quotes.

Engraved Jewelry

Popular gifts at graduation are watches and jewelry. Take this to the next level by having the piece of jewelry or watch engraved with their initials and the year they graduated. Or you could put a little message on it for them to look at when they are going through a rough time. Life is hard and we all need pick-me-ups every now and then.

Quilt or Afghan

If you’re a crafty person and you have the time you might consider making the graduate a quilt or afghan so they can take a little piece of home with them wherever they go. You could even take old t-shirts from school events and make them into a quilt for added sentimental value.

Children’s Book

Lots of people like to give “The Giving Tree” or “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” to graduates. These are wonderful books with lots of meaning, but don’t feel limited to doing what everyone else does. Is there a children’s book that has sentimental value to you or your child? Give them that book at their graduation with a little handwritten note from you inside the front cover.


Luggage may not seem like a sentimental gift, but it is something they will be able to use again and again for years. It will be like they are taking you with them on each adventure they pack their suitcases for.

Cook Book

You could just get a generic cookbook, or if you want to make this gift sentimental, take the time to make a family cookbook. Gather all of the graduate’s favorite recipes and put them in one place so when they are missing a taste of home they can whip up a little something in the kitchen.

Photo Book

A small photo book filled with pictures from home is a great gift. You could gather loose photos and put them in a book or make a photo book at Walmart or Shutterfly. By printing the book you run less of a risk of pictures falling out and going missing.

An Experience

Perhaps your graduate has something that they’ve always wanted to do. Maybe their dream is to go skydiving or they would just love a nice camping trip before they head out into the real world. Taking the time to have an experience with them will be a memory the two of you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Each person is different so you’ll want to get the gift that will mean the most to them. Hopefully, this little list sparked some ideas for you on what to get your graduate.

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