7 Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready for School Quickly

7 Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready for School Quickly

Mornings can be hectic for anyone—particularly when there’s a kid or two involved! It can be a challenge to get your kids to school on time and get yourself ready for the day. Developing a really efficient morning routine, and making it fun for your kids, is crucial in starting your day on the right foot. Check out these 7 tips for your morning routine that can help you get your kids ready for school quickly and out the door on time!

1. Make sure they get in bed early each night.

Making sure your kids get enough sleep is so important for how well they function throughout the day as well as how easily they’ll wake up in the morning. A solid night’s sleep can make a huge difference in how smooth your morning routine goes.

2. Pick out their outfit the night before.

Whether they choose their outfit or you do, make sure it’s laid out neatly in a designated spot each evening so that in the morning it’s a simple grab and go process! Have their shoes laid out as well, and make sure they’re fully dressed and ready before they even come downstairs for breakfast.

3. Prep their lunch the night before.

It’s so easy to go ahead and pack everything the night before, and just leave it in the refrigerator in their lunchbox! There’s no need to wait until morning to make a sandwich and throw in snacks when it can all be ready to grab when you’re heading out the door.

4. Simplify breakfast.

You can save so much time by forfeiting cooking a big breakfast. It can be as simple as yogurt with granola, overnight oats or fresh fruit! Don’t be afraid to give yourself a break in the kitchen!

5. Designate hooks for their backpacks.

Designating specific hooks by the front door for your kids’ backpacks can make things much easier in the mornings. Get them into the habit of hanging it up the night before so it’s ready to go. If you see that it isn’t there before bed, it might mean that everything is strewn across their bedroom floor—always good to know before morning comes!

6. Be consistent.

Try to do things in the same order every morning, and have your kids do the same. You’ll be able to keep everyone on track much easier if you can tell that someone is behind.

7. Leave a little room for error.

We all know that things happen. Adhering to a perfect schedule every day isn’t realistic, so give yourself and your kids a little room for error. Make sure everyone’s alarms go off 15 minutes early to help stay ahead!

A Note on Safety

In addition to alleviating some stress in the mornings, having a seamless morning routine can mean much safer driving. When we’re running behind, we can get rushed or even aggressive behind the wheel. Speeding is one of the major causes of car accidents, so it’s incredibly important to leave earlier than you had planned.

Keep these 7 tips in mind for getting your kids ready for school on time, and see how smooth and stress-free your mornings become!

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