7 Activities to Do with Your Kids this Fall

7 Activities to Do with Your Kids this Fall

Just because summer has come to a close and the kids are back in school doesn’t mean the fun has to end! The holiday season is the perfect excuse to spend even more time with friends and family. There are so many fun things to do in the fall that help to fully put you in the holiday spirit! Check out these 7 activities to do with your kids this fall.

Go Apple Picking

There are so many orchards around that you may never have known existed! Do a little searching in your area to find one near you. Not only is this a fun thing to do with your kids, but you can also bring your apples home and bake up something delicious as a family!

Make a Halloween Costume Together

What’s more original than creating your own Halloween costume? Kids will love this because not only is it an awesome activity for them to be a part of, but they’ll have their very own costume that no one else will have! Spend a Saturday morning at the craft store getting supplies and then head home to start creating!

Spend an Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

Everyone loves pumpkin patches! Often times they’ll have hayrides and other fun activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Let everyone pick out his or her own pumpkin to decorate later that evening!

Decorate a Pumpkin

To keep things a little more kid-friendly, you might nix the carving and instead pick up some paint supplies. Paint, glitter, googly-eyes, and any other fun decoration are perfect for adding some life to your pumpkin!

Visit a Haunted House

Who doesn’t like a good haunted house every now and then? They’re so much fun—even for the adults—if your kids enjoy a good scare! Grab the whole family for this one and be prepared to get spooked!

Decorate for the Holidays

This season provides endless decoration opportunities! When Halloween festivities wind down, switch things over to turkeys for Thanksgiving. This is the perfect opportunity to do fun holiday crafts as well!


From spooky Halloween goodies to delicious fall favorites, baking is such a great thing to do with family. Kids can help in so many ways from mixing to decorating Halloween cookies and treats. Let them get a little messy with colorful icing and other toppings for cookies or cake!

A Final Note

With so many celebrations taking place this season, it’s important to remember safety on the roads. While you may be alert, others may not be. The holiday season is filled with special occasions, which means more impaired drivers will be on the roads. Stay safe and keep your eyes open for other drivers on the road.

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