6 Ways to Child-Proof Your Christmas Tree This Year

6 Ways to Child-Proof Your Christmas Tree This Year

We all want to have the perfect decorations and the perfect tree to welcome Christmas into our home. But that can be difficult when our children and pets are constantly thrashing it. So, to help you out this year, our friends at a property management company in Idaho Falls put together this sweet list of ways for toddler-proofing (and pet-proofing) your Christmas tree.

Fence it in

Put a fence around your Christmas tree. You can use a baby gate around it, or if you want to keep it looking a little less like you’re trying to keep your child from grabbing the ornaments off the tree, use presents. Wrap up some large, heavy boxes in a nice wrapping paper and place them around your tree.

Put it on a pedestal

If you have a high ceiling, or a small tree, try putting your tree up and out of reach. You can use a table or wood pallets to keep those tiny hands (or teeth) from snatching the ornaments off your tree.

Use shatterproof ornaments

If you’re concerned about ornaments breaking, it might be time to trade in your fragile glass orbs for some new ones of the shatterproof sort. You can hang your glass ornaments higher up on the tree, out of reach, if you can’t part with them, and use the shatterproof ornaments on the lower branches.


Use ribbon holders

Trade out the wire ornament holders for ribbon this year. This way, if you have a young child who tends to grab things and put them in their mouth, there won’t be a risk of hurting themselves on the metal hook.

Decorate with your kids

Let your children help you decorate the Christmas tree this year. It might not have that “perfect” look that you are going for, but your kids will be able to admire their work and won’t want it to get messed up. This is also a great activity to bond with your family.

Give your child their own tree

If you absolutely cannot let your child decorate your Christmas tree, then get them their own. There are many options for children’s Christmas trees out there. You can find or make a felt tree to layout on the floor or hang on the wall that can be folded up easily. Or you can even get them their own mini tree with ornaments to decorate. These options will keep their little hands busy and away from your tree.

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