6 Life Skills to Teach Your Child

6 Life Skills to Teach Your Child

You’ve got 18 years to teach your children everything you can, but somehow it goes by so quickly and every parent gets the feeling that they’ve missed something or could have been a much better parent.

Don’t forget that no one has a rulebook for raising kids, and if it did exist, there would need to be a different one for each child. But if you’re still worried about how your kid will turn out, keep these six skills in mind that they can use to be successful their whole life.


Cleanliness and Organization

Being clean and organized applies to more than just their bedroom. Help your children to develop habits of brushing their teeth, washing their face, and showering regularly. Teach them to take care of chores and necessary tasks quickly. These can include washing and folding their own laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

Help them to get these tasks done first so they can spend more time doing what they love.


Planning and Preparation

It’s easy for children to get into the routine of instant gratification where Mom or Dad takes care of all their needs, but you can show them as a young child some of the preparation that goes into how you care for them every day. Keep a garden and encourage them to help with planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting.

You can teach them how to take those same yields and prepare them in a simple meal the whole family can enjoy.


Building, Maintenance, and Repair

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could solve the problem of a broken chair with their own competent skills? Give your child at least a basic knowledge of carpentry, sewing, and home maintenance so they can handle a clogged toilet when it comes up.

Car maintenance will also be a lasting skill your child can use to determine when to change the oil, recycle car batteries, or buy a new car without being duped.



Maybe your child refuses to go anywhere without you, or maybe they are already too independent. Do your best to teach them how to be independent in a positive way. Start by letting them order their own food at a restaurant and teaching them how to navigate around town.

As they get older, show them how to use public transportation and work your way up to their actively planning an outing for the family without relying on decisions from you.


Achieving Goals

We all want our kids to dream, but we often forget to teach them how to make those dreams happen. Everyday skills like time management, budgeting, and comparison shopping can help your child to set small, manageable goals that can take them where they always wanted to go, even life as an astronaut.


Excelling Socially

Your child may be extremely gifted, but it may be hard for them to excel in school, with their peers, and in new jobs, if they aren’t sure how to integrate with others. It’s easy to keep your children separate from the suspicious strangers all around, but that may perpetuate a fear of others that will follow them through life.

Instead, teach your children to be smart while meeting people and making new friends. Make networking fun! They should be able to speak with people of all ages and feel comfortable joining a conversation, adding their strength to a group effort, or taking charge of a situation.

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