5 ways to help your child be more active today

5 ways to help your child be more active today

Winter can be hard for many reasons; from the cold to the snow, everything can seem dark and dismal. Not to mention that your kids are also now stuck inside and bored, and you have the lovely job of trying to entertain them.

It can be tempting to just let them play or watch their screens until winter’s over, but in reality that isn’t beneficial to you or them.

Kids need to get their wiggles out and also get some physical activity for their overall health and well-being.

Here are five ways to help your child be more active today, whether it’s during winter or the rest of the year.

Play some active games

Playing games is not only fun for the whole family and something to do together, but it can also be a way to help your children get in some physical activity.

There are many games that require action, for example, twister, tag, or Simon says.

You can also make up your own game and just keep in mind ways to get your kids up, moving, and running around.

Have a family gym day

The gym isn’t only for mom and dad but can be an opportunity to get your kids out of the house and doing something active.

You can see if they offer any classes that your kids might be interested in attending or see if they have a kids club that also offers activities.

If you do bring your kids to the gym always make sure they stretch and warm up so they don’t get hurt and cause any injury. While your doctor probably has a sports medicine option to treat injuries, but you don’t want to actually have to use it after a trip to the gym with the kids.

Watch some videos

If your kids are insistent about screen time, make it work for you and them by watching and doing exercise videos, that way they can watch something while also being active.

You can have them pick what they want to do and do it with them, or even dance videos can be fun while still getting everybody moving.

Have a dance party

Speaking of dancing, nothing helps winter blues like a having a dance party. It’s also a great way to be physically active.

You can have your kids invite their friends over or just turn on the music randomly and dance along.

Visit somewhere new

If you feel like you are exhausting all your options in your own home you can find other places where your kids can run around and have fun without having to worry about the cold outside.

You can check out places like trampoline parks or kids museums, or even just rotate homes between your kids and other friends. It will not only help you out but also other parents who are in the same position also trying to keep their kids active.

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