5 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Kids to the Skatepark

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Your Kids to the Skatepark

You might think that helmets would be an easy accessory to remember to bring to the skatepark, but a lot of skaters do not use them. There is a lot of peer pressure to not use a helmet, so you’ll want to remind your children that they should be wearing the helmet and inform them that you will not take them if they do not wear it. Teaching your children good habits like wearing their helmet early on will help them handle peer pressure later when they start going to the skatepark by themselves.

Teach the Rules

There are rules at every skatepark posted on a billboard or sign that your kids should probably know. Try and find the rules and run through them with your children. If you don’t teach your child the rules, they are probably not going to even know they exist and that could possibly get you and your child into trouble.

Parental Balance

There are usually two types of problems faced when kids are brought to the skatepark. One problem with bringing kids to the skatepark is the adult leaves and the skatepark becomes a daycare. Kids can end up doing things that are unsafe especially when unsupervised, so make sure you are present when you take your children to the park. Another problem with bringing kids to the skatepark is the parent will hover over their kids and supervise them too much. While your kids should know the rules, make sure you don’t try and tell your kid to work on certain tricks or to only go to certain areas of the park. You will probably embarrass your child and take the fun out of going to the skatepark. A good balance is to simply watch your child and if they get into a bad crash be there to pick them up, dust them off, look up a few dental clinics online like grovecitydentalofblackfoot.com and hope that your kid keeps all their teeth.

Learn the Rhythm

There is a rhythm at the skatepark of when people are going to skate. Try and look at where people are starting and ending their run. If you know where the start and end of a session usually is, you can instruct your children to take proper routes through the skatepark and not annoy or accidentally run into other skaters. Learning the rhythm of a skatepark can take a little time, so, if you are committed, it’s best to go to a little early and scope out the natural tendencies of where people usually skate.

Teach Them Not to Snake

Snaking is when your kid cuts off another person in the middle of their run through the skatepark. Tell your kids to wait for their turn and have patience. Chances are your child is going to want to skate their favorite parts of the skatepark repeatedly, so it’s important that they are aware of when other people are trying to give it a shot. One of the most common reasons that people get hurt at skateparks is they don’t wait their turn or they cut into someone else’s run and crash into another skater.

The biggest thing to consider before taking your kids to the skatepark is how you can prepare beforehand. Teaching your children the rules of the skatepark, rhythm, the importance of not snaking and to wear a helmet can all be done before you get into the car. If your child is informed and you are present at the skatepark until they are a decent age, you shouldn’t run into much trouble.

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