5 Laid-Back Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

5 Laid-Back Fourth of July Activities for the Whole Family

Nothing says summer like a hot Fourth of July holiday. It usually comes complete with at least a dozen activities. Communities often have their own celebratory parades, carnivals, and fireworks. Friends and family plan their own adventures with camping, hiking, swimming, and kayaking.

But not everyone is up for a day spent on the go. If you are one of these folks, or you just need a laid-back activity to offset all the energy you’ve exerted, we have you covered.


Flag Ceremony

Independence Day is about showing remembrance and gratitude to those men and women who gave the United States its independence from England. So to get things started in the morning, get your family together to raise the flag and sing the national anthem. You can share stories of those revolutionaries as well as stories about any of your ancestors who exhibited that same patriotic spirit.


Backyard Picnic

Keep it low-key for your friends and family members who aren’t on a traditional schedule. With an all-day picnic at home or at the beach, people who worked through the night or have to work the holiday can drop in for a few minutes to celebrate before heading on their way. And anyone who is ill or undergoing intensive treatments like radiation therapy that cause extreme fatigue can still socialize and take a much-needed nap.

Fill the table with easy foods to prepare and limit the number of items that need to be refrigerated or heated so you don’t have to monitor the buffet at all times. Invite people to help out by bringing their favorite summer dishes.


Patriotic Films

Who doesn’t love a good movie? The Fourth of July is the perfect day to pull out your favorite patriotic films and put on a marathon. You can go with classics like Independence Day, Pearl Harbor, and The Patriot or work in some more unconventional choices like Jaws and Forrest Gump.

Have you got kids that might not be thrilled with those choices? Try out any Captain America film, National Treasure, The Sandlot, or An American Tail. If you would rather not have everyone crowded in front of a screen for too long, you can cue up the National Independence Day Parade.


Front Porch Fireworks

If you don’t want the hassle of driving out with the crowds and trying to find a space to watch the community fireworks–all just so you can get home long after midnight–load up on some of your family’s favorite fireworks at the nearest firework stand.

You can start these even with daylight, letting the kids enjoy their sparklers, then pull up your camp chairs and a quilt on the front porch in the twilight while the teenagers put on a fun (and sometimes hilarious) show for you. Chances are your neighbors will be setting off some spectacular ones, too.



End the night around the fire pit roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. You can admire the stars, tell ghost stories, or simply enjoy one another’s company while the embers burn down. And if your kids are still loaded with energy, you can set up a tent in the backyard so they can have one last adventure for the day.


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