5 Fun Summer Activities and Crafts to do with your Kids

5 Fun Summer Activities and Crafts to do with your Kids

Yay! It’s summer break! Your kids are done with school and that means three months of them being home with you and you having to entertain them in some way.

For the first month or so, it seems pretty simple, and finding fun activities isn’t too hard, but right around month two, it seems you’ve run out of ideas. Your kids are getting bored and you are ready to pull your hair out. You’re probably thinking, “Can school start again at the end of July?!”

The good news is that there are many fun and interesting things for you and your kids to do that will both keep them occupied and keep you sane.

Here are five summer activities and crafts to do with your kids to make sure everyone is having a good time.


Create some décor for the upcoming holidays


Although the holiday months seem pretty far off, Fall will be here before you know it. Pretty soon afterward it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas time!

Have your kids pick their favorite holiday and ask them to create a craft or decoration for that holiday.

Most of the supplies for these are relatively inexpensive and, since you can do most of the crafting outside, there is no big mess to worry about.


Make a list of your favorite things


At the beginning of one week, have everyone in your family make a list of their favorite things to do either around the house or around town, and then give everyone a designated day where you go around actually doing or seeing their favorite things.

This is a fun way to get out of the house and do some fun activities with the kids that you know they will actually enjoy because they were the ones who chose what to do.

It will also be fun because some of your kids might find new things that they love and you can keep the tradition going for next summer.


Create some new home décor


If a sudden rainy day hits or it’s way too hot to be outside, having the kids do a fun craft inside will keep everyone from going stir crazy.

You can have each of the kids create new signs or thoughts in vinyl for around the house, and then let each of them decide where they want to put it. Help them hang it up or place it where they want it.


Make some cold treats


If you have sweltering temperatures where you live right now, you and your kids are probably doing everything you can to beat the heat.

A fun and tasty way to do this is to make some cold and delicious treats like homemade popsicles or homemade ice cream.

You can either buy an ice cream maker or get creative with several ways to make it without them at home. Most just require dry ice that you can get at the grocery store.

Popsicles are even easier! You can find some Popsicle molds and Popsicle sticks at your local dollar store.


Have some backyard fun


You don’t have to go very far to have some fun adventures with your kids. In fact, you can do some amazing activities in your own backyard!

One really fun idea, especially during the summer, is to do some backyard camping. This could be really fun, especially if your spouse works. They can come home and participate, then easily leave for work the next morning.

Your kids will have so much fun that they might want to keep the tents up all summer long!

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