5 Fun Snow Day Activities

5 Fun Snow Day Activities

Winter is arriving quickly, and that means we might have a couple of snow days soon. As awful as it might sound to have school canceled and the children all cooped up inside all day, snow days can be a great opportunity for some family bonding time. Check out these fun snow day activities for some ideas to keep your family happy the next time you are all cooped up at home together.


Bake a cake, cookies, brownies, a pie, or whatever your children can think of. Put each person to work on a different task required for the baked goods. Sugar cookies are a great activity for keeping small hands busy. Your kids can roll and cut out cookies, and when they’re done baking they can frost them too! You can even hold a baking contest, letting each child pick a different baked good to make throughout the day. When all the baking is done, enjoy the treats with some cocoa and a movie.

Indoor Camping

If you’re going to be inside all day, you should have some fun! Work together to build an awesome blanket fort to camp out in. Stay in your PJ’s all day and pull out the sleeping bags. Make some microwave s’mores to enjoy on your “campout”. Tell stories and play board games in your blanket fort all day long.

Go Outside

At least for a little while. If it’s not too cold to enjoy the snow, plan some fun snow games. Have a snowman building contest or a snowball fight. You can let your kids create snow art, bringing some color to the white blanket outside. Fill spray bottles, or water bottles, up with water and a couple drops of food coloring to make pictures in the snow and color their snowmen. Afterwards, you can all huddle for warmth with hot cocoa and a good movie.  

Christmas Wish List

Do you have some newspaper ads or extra magazines on hand? Let your kids spend a good chunk of the day looking through these and cutting out the things that they like to make a Christmas wish list collage. Lay out paper, magazines, scissors, and glue or tape on the table for them to create to their heart’s content. Put out some fun wintry snacks for them to enjoy while they craft. You can even join them, it’s always fun to make a collage of the things that you want, and give your spouse and kids ideas for a Christmas present for you too.

Make Bird Feeders

With the snow and cold weather, birds have a hard time finding food, and kids love helping animals! So make some bird feeders. Get some toilet paper rolls and spread peanut butter and bird seed (or popcorn, cereal or nuts) on them. You can also make a popcorn garland. Pop a bag of popcorn or two, give each child a string on a needle, and let them start stringing popcorn together to hand up for the birds. Hang these up in a tree or fence outside the window so you can enjoy watching the birds eat the treat that you made them together.

If you’re looking to go out and do something on a snow day, try to find some fun things to do like the attractions that Teton County has.

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