5 Fun Knick-Knacks to Make with Your Kids

5 Fun Knick-Knacks to Make with Your Kids

It’s raining, the kids are glued to the T.V., and you want to do something fun with them. Well, you’re in luck because here are 5 fun knick-knacks you can make with your kids and hopefully make a few memories along the way.

Front Door Hanger

To make a front door hanger all it takes is a piece of string and a nail. Grab a piece of paper, or if you’re feeling adventurous a piece of wood, and start gluing stuff onto the surface. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like as long as you’re having fun. Make sure to make it yours by dipping your handprints in paint and leaving marks all over it. If you don’t feel like making it completely from scratch there are a few fun templates you can find at thoughtsinvinyl.com.

Pet Eggs

It may not be Easter, but your kids will love this. To make a pet egg (or other inanimate object) simply grab some paint, googly eyes, and whatever else your kid might like to put on it. If you don’t feel like smelling the rancid eggs a week later, a rock will work just as well. If you’re feeling creative, you can start making cardboard houses for your eggs and let your kids create their own little egg village. 

Paper Hats

Does your child want to be a Regal Diplomat or a Ruling lady or lord? A crown can be created quite easily with some paper and glue. Simply grab a rectangular piece of paper and cut out the jagged edges of the crown. Once the crown is cut, glue the ends together and place it on your child’s head. You and your kid can have a lot of fun with this by bringing paint,  googly eyes and other crafts you have lying around the house.

Postal Box

Want cute notes from your kids as a possible daily occurrence? One fun trick is to make a postal box. Simply grab an old cardboard box you have lying around the house and announce to your children that it’s going to be the family postal box. Feel free to paint glue and write all over the box but make sure to cut out a hole for the mail slot.

Paper Pin Wheels

If you want your kids screaming and running all over the room, paper pinwheels are exactly what you need. 

  1. Simply grab a piece of paper and make four cuts starting from the corners to the middle of the page. 
  2. Fold over the edges into the middle. 
  3. Once the edges of the paper are in the middle put a thumbnail through the corners into a stick. 

Soon you’ll have kids running and screaming all over the house and the paper pinwheels will probably look less like pinwheels and more like streamers after a couple of minutes.

There you have it:  5 ideas that will cover your house with paper and glue. Make sure you have fun doing it! If you want some more ideas, Pinterest has tons and tons of kid-friendly crafts that the whole family can enjoy.

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