5 Fun Halloween Treats to Make With Your Family

5 Fun Halloween Treats to Make With Your Family

Halloween is a time for sugar and scares, so what are you doing to stir up the excitement? With so many fun activities this fall, from haunted houses to corn mazes to pumpkin patches, it’s easy to find yourself away from home a lot.

But sometimes you just need a week where you don’t go anywhere, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Choose a night to stay home and bond with your family over some fun Halloween treats. If you need some ideas of where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Sugar Cookies

 Sugar cookies are a classic, and they are always fun. Find a good sugar cookie recipe and cut it into fun Halloween shapes. Pick up some Halloween cookie cutters beforehand if you need to.

Use orange, purple, green, yellow, and red food coloring for the frosting and let everyone decorate their own plate of cookies. Spend the evening enjoy your finished cookies while watching a scary movie. If you’ve made plenty to spare, take some plates of cookies over to your neighbors. You could even let the kids ding-dong ditch and leave the cookies on the front steps. 

Candy Sculptures

Pick up some assorted bags of your family’s favorite chocolate bars, some candy corn, and some toothpicks. Lay out the candy on the table and give everyone a paper plate and plenty of toothpicks. Let each person express their creativity as they create different sculptures with their Halloween candy.

You could even have a contest to see who can build the tallest candy tower using only candy and toothpicks.

Vampire Doughnuts

These are too easy not to do at least once this year, especially if you need a quick treat to enjoy or give away. Simply pick up a box of large circle doughnuts, or make your own if you feel up to the task. Chocolate covered doughnuts look the best for this one. Pick up some plastic vampire teeth from a local supermarket or dollar store. Place a set of vampire teeth into the hole of each doughnut. Add googly eyes or frosting eyes above the teeth and you’re done! Super cute, super fun, and super easy! Everyone will enjoy these silly Halloween treats.

Candy Bark

You can make so many different variations of Halloween candy bark, so this one is always fun to try. Pick up some white, orange, purple, or green chocolate melts, sugar candy eyes, and Halloween sprinkles. Melt the chocolate and spread it onto some parchment paper spread over a baking sheet. Next, toss on some sprinkles and candy eyes. You can place candy eyes together in pairs to give the feel of something peering out of the chocolate. Let it harden and then break it into serving size pieces to share with everyone.

This is also a great treat to put on a plate and share with your neighbors.

Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins

Make rice crispy treat pumpkins! Begin as you normally would, but place orange food coloring into the marshmallow mixture before adding the cereal. After everything is mixed together, cover your hands in oil or butter and pull out a small handful of the mix at a time. Roll it into a ball and place on a greased baking sheet. Repeat until the mixture is done. The add a Rolo or half of a Tootsie roll to the center of the top of each treat for a pumpkin stem. Use a green M&M for a leaf next to the stem. Enjoy these fun treats with friends and family!

When you’re done indulging in all of these fun and delicious treats, be sure to brush your teeth and make sure your kiddos do the same to prevent any unwanted dentist visits in the near future.

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