5 Easy Ideas to Teach Your Kids to Cook

5 Easy Ideas to Teach Your Kids to Cook

One of the great parts of parenting is watching your kids grow and learn and teaching them important life lessons, including how to cook.

Luckily, in the beginning, you don’t have to worry about turning them into a gourmet cook, but there are a few simple recipes that you can teach them to help them feel confident in their emerging cooking skills.

Here are five easy ideas you can teach your kids. Before you know it you’ll find yourself kicking back and relaxing at dinnertime.


Scrambled Eggs

Starting off really simple, scrambled eggs is a great basic that can be taught pretty straightforwardly and can be customized to their liking.

It can also be a great opportunity to help kids learn how to handle eggs in general, from cracking them open to handling the shells.

You can also teach them all the different ways to cook an egg as well.


Mashed Potatoes

Another simple and delicious recipe, mashed potatoes are easy to make and a great starter recipe for your kids.

Like eggs, potatoes can also be prepared in so many different and easy ways that you can expand form the mashed potatoes if you really wanted to.

If you need more potato recipe ideas for your kids, there are many healthy potato recipes from Klondike Brands that your entire family should try.



Another breakfast classic, pancakes are also a delicious and easy thing to teach the kids to make.

The great thing about pancakes too is that you can make the pancakes fun by letting them add different and delicious things to the pancakes like bananas, strawberries, blueberries or even chocolate chips.

Kids will also have a lot of fun perfecting the art of flipping the pancake just right.



From boiling noodles to prepping the pasta sauce, making spaghetti can make a kid feel like they are preparing a fancy meal without all the difficulty of actually preparing one.

Teaching your children how to cook spaghetti can also be a great opportunity on how to handle and act around boiling water and cooking hazards to avoid.



Teaching someone to make a salad may seem a little too basic, but it’s a good time to teach your kids how to handle knives and cutting up veggies.

You can let them pick which veggies they want in their salad and cut them into fun designs and shapes. Plus, finding a way to make eating veggies more enjoyable isn’t too shabby either.

Give these 5 basic food items a try with your kids and let the relaxing begin.

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