5 Cool Child-Friendly Furniture Items

5 Cool Child-Friendly Furniture Items


Do you have young children or are you expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet sometime soon? Then you might have already considered investing in some child-friendly furniture items. These will make your home much more safer for your children. That way, you can leave them playing without worrying about them hurting themselves. There are lots of various child-proof and child-friendly furniture pieces out there. Not sure which are worth it? Here are five of the best.


Fire Guards


Fire guards might not be the most attractive items of furniture, but they are certainly one of the most important if you have a coal or gas fire. You will need to buy one that surrounds your whole fire and creates a barrier between it and your child. This will prevent your kids from getting too close and burning themselves. Fire guards also stop coal fires from spitting out any cinders and stop hot pieces of coal or wood falling and hurting your children.




You need to be careful of small children on sofas and armchairs as they can easily topple off. If you want a comfy seat that is safer for them, buy a beanbag instead. Beanbags are super soft and often lower to the ground than regular seats are. So if your child does have a wobble, they won’t hurt themselves quite as much than if they had fallen off a chair. You can see various sizes and shapes online: www.fombag.com/Shop_Giant_Bean_Bags_Fombag_By_Size.html


High Chair


Babies and toddlers love meal times! Especially when they can join the rest of the family around the dining table. If you buy a high chair, then they can sit with you at the table. High chairs are high enough so your child will be able to see everyone, and they often come with a built-in table. This way, your child can also eat with you.


Toy Boxes


Your child will no doubt have a lot of toys and games. Especially if they have recently celebrated a birthday! To ensure your home doesn’t quickly become cluttered, buy your child a toy box. There are loads of fun designs that you could pick. If you have a son, he may want a car-shaped box. Buy one in the shape of a fairy tale castle for your daughter! Want to make sure your child’s toys are safe? Here’s our guide to checking them out.




If your child is still scared of the dark and has trouble getting to sleep as a result, they could benefit from a nightlight. This is just a lamp that shines out a dim light. It prevents kids from getting too scared at night time, but it isn’t too bright so that they can’t sleep. You can find nightlights in many different shapes and sizes. Some even shine out pretty patterns and scenes onto the walls!


You will certainly notice the difference if you buy these child-friendly furniture items. They will make for very happy and safe children!

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