4 ways to help your baby sleep through the night

4 ways to help your baby sleep through the night

You remember everyone telling you those sleepless nights after having kids would be hard, but you never really imagined how hard it would be.

You love your little baby, but you just wish they would stay asleep for more than two to three hours at a time.

You try to feed them, comfort them, and rock them; but no matter what it seems to be the same thing every night and you are starting to unravel a little from the lack of sleep.

The good news is that there are some solutions to help you and your baby get more sleep.

Here are four ways to help your baby sleep through the night and have you both feeling like new people.

Set a consistent schedule

Babies love schedules. Their little bodies and minds work best around consistency, so whatever that schedule may look like remember to stick to it pretty strictly each day.

Now, it may take a couple weeks to find out exactly what that schedule should be and what works best for you and the baby, but once you find that rhythm that feels good make that your set schedule and help any significant others, siblings, or babysitters stick to it as well.

Make nap time essential

It may seem a little strange but your baby’s napping schedule could be greatly affecting their sleeping schedule.

It’s better for the baby, and for you, that they take consistent and long enough naps every day because an overly tired baby is going to be one that is hard to put to sleep and may wake up more during the night for comfort and care.

Depending on their age, most babies under 12 months should take one to two naps a day, and above 12 months one long nap as well. If you are not sure how long your baby should be napping you can consult your pediatrician and they will let you know.

Put the baby down at the right time

Some parents get into the habit of always feeding the baby to put them to sleep or rocking them to sleep, but this could make your baby dependent on these things and therefore harder to put themselves to sleep.

Babies need to learn something called self-soothing, meaning that if they wake up they can put themselves back to sleep without your help.

This is a behavior that is learned over time and you can help teach it to them by making sure to put them in their crib when they are sleepy but not necessarily all the way asleep so they fall asleep themselves in the crib.

Talk to your doctor

If it feels like you have tried everything and your baby still is waking up multiple times a night it can feel very frustrating and like you will never sleep again.In this case, it might be best to come up with a plan and find some solutions with your pediatrician, like the ones at Rindfleisch Family Practice, because they may be able to identify other issues that could be preventing your baby from sleeping through the night.

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