4 Signs your Job Is Keeping You From Your Family

4 Signs your Job Is Keeping You From Your Family

As a parent, you have a demanding job. From balancing your work schedule, to keeping your kids schedules moving, to cooking and cleaning, to balancing your free time, being a parent can be a tough job. Since your work and income is the basis of your livelihood, it’s important to ensure you are balancing the required time at work with time spent around your family and your loved ones. For many working mothers and fathers, this can be an everyday obstacle that might seem as though it’s impossible to overcome. Its one of those areas that can easily fall under the “it’s easier said than done category.”


As working parents, your body can easily become accustomed to multitasking to achieve all of your goals within one day. It’s easy to start to feel like a robot. This is because you care for your family and want to make sure you are doing everything possible to keep them functioning and healthy. But, sometimes it’s important that we stop and think about what is really important in our life. Most of the time, our answers will be family, or love. Yes, our jobs are important for our well-being, but are we doing all that we can to spend time around people we love most?


Your job may seem like the number one factor when considering time allocations throughout the week. Here are a few signs that your job might be keeping you from spending quality time with your children:




Most jobs require full time employees to stay on the clock for 40 hours per week. However, depending on your role in the company, this may not be enough time to get all of the tasks and assignments required of you completed in time. Does your employer offer overtime pay? This is one factor to consider. Even if they do, consider the time you are taking away from spending with your family. Is the extra few hours at work each night worth the missed time spent seeing your children grow into young adults?


Workplace Duties


Evaluate some of your duties at work. Are you required to physically exert yourself on a daily basis? Over time, physical work can make the body become fatigued easier, leading to a more tired state when a parent is off of work. As a result, this is lost time spent with your son or daughter. Additionally, a string of physical work over a period of time can increase your chances of experiencing an injury at work. It’s important to make sure your employer is carrying proper coverage in the event of an accident. If not, an injury at work can lead to hours spent in the doctors offices and hospitals, away from your family. Additionally, not having adequate coverage from your employer can put a strain on your financial stability as a parent, which may lead to expense cuts when it comes to your children.


Location of Work


Where is your location of employment in relation to your home? Is it necessary to travel several miles and spend a lot of time on the road? This is more time taken away from your family. While other parents in your neighborhood may have the pleasure of making breakfast and sending their children off to school in the morning, you may be required to hire a sitter or nanny to take care of these tasks while commuting to work. Again, this costs you time away from your family, as well as adds expenses for gas, and is extremely frustrating.


Time off


What is the policy for time off? Are you granted two weeks of paid vacation time? If time off is not paid, it may be more difficult to enjoy vacation time if your family is on a fixed income. Does your employer offer enough time away from the office to spend time with your kids? Evaluate your role as a parent, and ensure your workplace is allowing you time to take vacations or road trips with your kids. Bonding time is essential.


Evaluation Time


Take time this week to evaluate your role as a parent. What is most important in your life? Is your job, or your family more important? For most, family comes first. If this is the case, take a step back and consider the time you are spending with your kids each and every week. Does my work limit this ability? If so, you may need to consider making changes before you regret not taking the necessary time to spend with your family.

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