4 Great Starter Pets for Children

4 Great Starter Pets for Children

Dogs, and most pets, are man’s best friend. They always have been. And animals do something for people that no other person can. Simply by existing, pets offer their people a sense of solace that they can’t get any other way. Whether it’s their cuteness or the softness of their fur or some other factor altogether, pets can make a wonderful addition to most families. There are plenty of excellent starter pets for children that almost all families can consider.

And if your kids have already beaten you to this argument before we did and you’re looking for a new family pet, then we have some help for you.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can be great starter pets for children, especially if you don’t want a larger animal roaming around your home. They are content to be held for a few minutes at a time, which is great for children who want to sit down and hold their new pet.

Guinea pigs do enjoy and need attention, so if you won’t be tending to them regularly, it’s good to get them a companion of the same sex. One caution – they do urinate and defecate frequently so it’s best not to hold them for long periods of time.

Beta Fish

A Beta fish is a great starter pets for children to start teaching your child the responsibilities of owning a pet – like feeding it daily and changing its water on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They only require a small fish bowl to survive, so it isn’t a huge money commitment to get a big filtering tank either.

Your child can watch their new fish as often as they want. But if you do get a fish, be sure to caution your child against overfeeding them or feeding them anything other than their fish food.

Note: don’t put more than one fish together in a small bowl because one of them will likely eat the other.

Older Dog

New puppies are adorable and a lot of fun, but they take a lot of work and aren’t always very child-friendly. Unless you are looking for a large time commitment to train your new pet not to bite and to become house trained, it’s best to adopt an older dog from a shelter.

Older dogs are the best because they tend to already house-trained and friendly. Generally, their former owners just couldn’t keep them anymore. So they are looking for another family to take them in and love them. Adopted dogs often become the most loyal pet you would ever find.


Kittens are quite different from puppies. They learn that they must use the bathroom within their litter box just a few days after bringing them home. Younger kittens will adapt well to their surroundings, including being handled by small children.

Cats are generally low maintenance pets, which is great when you are just starting. If they are started with attention young, they crave that attention as they get older and want to be held, petted, and cuddled. They are also a lot of fun to play with. Strings and laser pointers provide hours of entertainment!

One word of caution – as cats get older, they don’t adapt well to change. So if you plan on making any major changes or have another child that is wilder than the first, take care to let your pet have a little time to adapt to this new change.

Not all pets are suitable for children, but there are plenty that are – especially with the right training. So with the help of some friendly vets in Idaho Falls, we’ve compiled this list. We hope it helps you in your search for the perfect pet.

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