4 Fall Traditions Every Member of the Family Can Enjoy

4 Fall Traditions Every Member of the Family Can Enjoy

The fall, Halloween season is full of fun activities to do with the family, both spooky and sweet. This year, change some of your favorite fall traditions by adding a twist or trying a new activity to get the most out of your Halloween experience. 

Pumpkin Painting

We’re all used to the idea of carving pumpkins, but what about painting them? Save yourself from the slimy guts and rotting carcasses on your porch by painting your pumpkins this Halloween. Pick out some acrylic paints at the store and try your hand at a painted face, spooky scene, or monster. Let your kids’ creativity take flight with a fraction of the mess, and prolong the life of their masterpieces. 

Easy-to-Eat Caramel Apples

Everyone loves a good caramel apple, especially in the fall. However, no one wants to take a trip to the dentist due to an extra sticky or hard caramel apple. Save you and your kids the unnecessary pain by trying these handy tricks:

  1. Slice your apples before dipping them. Then, almost like chips and salsa, create a caramel sauce for your apple slices.
  2. Rather than dipping your apple slices, drizzle caramel over the slices. This will help you avoid unwanted toothaches later.

After you’ve added caramel to your apple slices, sprinkle your desired toppings on top, and then enjoy! This will save you the mess, time, and stress of dipping your apples while keeping your teeth intact. 

Corn Maze Fun

Most corn and straw mazes aren’t haunted during daylight hours. Not all kids enjoy being scared, but there are still ways to add excitement to your visit to the maze. Take your family during the day, but add a little twist with different corn maze games. Turn the challenge into a competition and split up into two teams. Whoever reaches the end of the maze first gets a prize.

“Boo” Your Neighbors

Trick-or-treating occurs one night a year on the 31st of October. Add some excitement for treats throughout the whole month by booing your neighbors. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to stand outside their house yelling “boo!” Here’s how it works

-Doorbell-ditch a plate of goodies at some of your neighbor’s doorsteps.

 -Leave two printed papers – one with the phrase, “We’ve Been Booed!” and the other with these instructions: “You have just been Booed! Make two copies of these papers and deliver special treats to friends who haven’t been booed yet. Place your ‘We’ve Been Booed!’ sign on your front door to show the neighborhood you have been booed.”

-Watch as the Halloween spirit spreads to the doors of your neighborhood.

Fall has the ability to bring your family and loved ones closer together through fun seasonal traditions. Switch up your regular traditions with a bit of a twist, or start some new ones that you may not have done in the past. Whether it’s painting pumpkins or leaving treats for neighbors, take advantage of the fall traditions that will create memories to last forever.

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