4 After School Potato Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy

4 After School Potato Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy

What’s the first thing your kids do when they get home from school? Probably grab a snack, right? But how about after that?

They probably start looking for something to do. Kids can generally be entertained quite easily, but sometimes that need some help to generate those entertaining ideas. Whether that’s gathering materials for a new craft project, a reminder that the sun is out and they can ride their bike outside, or simply turning the TV on, a gentle nudge from the parents on what they should do next always helps.

Well, we want to help too. Check out some of these activities you can do with your child with some cheap and healthy potatoes!


Potato Stamps

Instead of buying stamps from your local craft store, make stamps out of potatoes! This one might require a little extra help from the parents, but once the stamps are made, the kids can let their creativity soar.

All you need for this project is a few potatoes, a knife (or cookie cutters), some paint, and paper.

  1. Start with a medium to large-sized potato. Cut it in half.
  2. Use your knife and/or cookie cutter to make a shape on the newly cut side of the potato.
  3. Pat dry with a towel or napkin.
  4. Dip into paint and get creative!

This little project can keep your kids busy for quite some time, especially if you have older children who can help cut out the stamps.


Potato Sculptures

This project is a little more simple than it sounds. For these “sculptures,” your children won’t be carving potatoes, but rather, using their imagination to build a work of art with all different types of potatoes and toothpicks.

Get a mix of potatoes for this project – baby reds, large russets, yellows, sweet potatoes, and you can even use carrots! Get googly eye stickers or markers for adding some fun little details. Let your children go to town with their creativity in building the best potato sculptures you’ve ever seen.


Mashed Potato Art

 If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a super fun after school activity for your kiddos. First, you’ll need to make mashed potatoes and let them cool. (You can even serve a little after school snack of healthy potatoes!)

While waiting for the mashed potatoes to cool, lay out foil, wax paper or easy-to-clean placemats for the project. Once the potatoes have cooled, give a heaping scoop of them to each child to play with on their mat.

This is a great sensory project as they squish the potatoes through their little fingers and work to make a masterpiece with it.


Potato Toss

This is a great outdoor activity for spring. Send your kids outside with a couple potatoes and see how long and far they can toss it before it drops. You can even make a contest out of it with a prize. It’s similar to a water balloon toss, but without the mess.

Another way you can play this game is to use towels or small blankets. You will need at least four people for this version of the game. Have two people pair up and hold opposite ends of the towel or blanket. The opposing team will do the same and stand across the yard. Then with the towel, you can toss the potato back and forth. The first team to drop the potato loses. To make this game more fun/competitive, play with a net that you have to toss the potato over.

There are so many everyday objects that you can use to create some interesting and fun new activities with. So get your creative gears turning and have some fun!

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