3 Things To Know About The Pet Adoption Process

3 Things To Know About The Pet Adoption Process

You’ve decided to grow your family by adding a fur baby. This is a big commitment for you and whoever eventually comes home with you. If you’re wondering where to look for a pet, the local animal shelter is a great place to start. Here is a step-by-step of what to expect if you choose to look into adopting an animal from the shelter.  


Most animal rescues and shelters require that you complete a questionnaire before you’re able to adopt a pet. This may seem strange and intrusive to you, but it is so the shelter can see if you’ve adopted a pet before and verify that you have never been charged with animal cruelty. For the safety of both the animal and yourself, try to be completely honest when answering all questions.

It is also important to be honest in your answers so that the shelter can help you select the correct furry friend for your family. If you fail to mention that you have a toddler at home then the shelter might not realize there is a problem when you fall in love with a grumpy old dog that hates children. For the best match possible, please be honest and open.  

Meeting Your Pet

The meet and greet is a special moment for both you and your possible pet. Whether this is a pet that you saw the picture of online and fell in love with or one that you just laid eyes on, the initial meeting is important. If it doesn’t seem right then don’t feel like you have to force it. This needs to be the right thing for both you and the animal if this is going to work well.

The goal is that you will be the last home this pet ever goes to and you’ll be their forever family. If it doesn’t feel like you’ll be able to get along or the shelter worker gives you additional information about the animal that worries you, don’t feel obligated to bring them home still. Make sure you understand the commitment you’re making and are ready for the responsibility.

Adoption Fees

Some people shudder at the thought of having to pay between $25 – $150 for the adoption fee. What they don’t realize is what a discount they are really receiving. Shelter pets are typically up to date on their shots, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. This entire pet care process can cost around $500.

Your adoption fee doesn’t even come close to paying for the medical expenses your new pet has incurred while at the shelter. Lucky for you, the shelter is just happy your animal is getting a loving family. The fee you pay will help with the upkeep of the shelter and getting other pets to good homes.

You may be thinking, “adoption isn’t for me, I want a puppy.” This may surprise you but many puppies end up at the animal shelter after their previous owner got them only to learn that they are, in fact, allergic. Going to an animal shelter to look at pets isn’t committing you to bring one home. If you don’t meet an animal there that will work with your family that is okay, but it is important to give those pets at least a chance. By choosing to adopt you could be saving a life.

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